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Insurance is very important aspect of a business, or a family, there are different insurance policy which you need to do so that you will have zero risk on your business or family. Because insurance protect your business, family, and property from damages.

Insurance protect your most important assets, because when your protect your assets is give you solid personal financial plan. Also good insurance will help you to safeguard your financial assets or family,

Now let go straight to the point, the type of Insurance policy you need.

Type of insurance policies

1. Health Insurance

Health is the most important aspect of human life, if you don’t have good health, even if you are rich as Dangote you will not enjoy your money, you will not be able to do what you want at the time you want it, so health is very important, that is why I make it number one on the list

Health Insurance is one of the most important types of Insurance you need to have, even if you can’t have other insurance policy you must have health Insurance because when you are alive you can do so many things. You good health allows you work and earn good money and also enjoy your life to the fullest.

Health Insurance will protect you from any accident, if you are involve in any accident you will be treated quickly, also protect you from borrowing money for hospital bills and other expenses on your health.

2. Automobile Insurance

Is the type of Insurance policy that protect your car accident it related issues, most States require my law to that you should have basic auto insurance. That covers liability. When you are buying a car in some state you will also buy automobile insurance instantly, because it is require my the law of the land.

Also most automobile Insurance covers bodily injury or the death of another person that is involved in accident, likewise automobile Insurance pay the medical bills of any body that is involved in accident

After you have buy automobile insurance if your car is involved in accident collision insurance covers damages to your car while liability insurance covers damages to the other car or third party vehicle.

Rental Car Coverage can also be included in automobile Insurance which means it your car have an accident without driving either by natural disasters or other environmental problems.

3. Life Insurance

This type of Insurance policy is very important like health insurance policy because it gave something to do with your life. This type of Insurance policy is very important especially if you are married or have children, also if you are single you can also benefits from life Insurance policy.

Life insurance also help you to pay the debt you leave behind after you have pass away and pay your children school fee or any other debt.

Also life insurance always depend on your health status or health profile, if you are old or not healthier it likely that your life Insurance coverage will be higher than that of young man and more healthier than you.

Life insurance policy protect those who depend on you financial, they can be your spouse, friends, children or parents, if you know that your family, friends and love ones will face financial hardships when you die, then life insurance policy should be first on your list. because life insurance policy covers them all for many years after you have pass away, also you need you to plan for your burial cost and pay for it before you die, so that it will not turn to debt for your family.

4. Property Insurance Policy

Property Insurance Policy is the type of Insurance that most people love and usually like to do because it covers your house, companies, and other properties.

Also if you don’t have a house maybe you rent a house to live, the rental insurance policy is the best for you. This insurance protect your property from any damages or accident, like, fire outbreaks, natural disasters or others.

Home Insurance is the same thing as property Insurance s very important, if you borrow money from the bank to build a house, the bank will require that the asset(house) must be insured

Also in homeowners and rental Insurance also protect you against personal liability, if anyone is injured in your house.

This type of Insurance policy also protect your all your assets like your companies, and so on.


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There are different types of Insurance policy that some many people that buy or so many Insurance companies have sell out for people. Here are the types of Insurance

There are 7 type of insurance

  1. Personal or Life Insurance

  2. Liability Insurance

  3. Social Insurance

  4. Fire Insurance

  5. Property Insurance

  6. Marine Insurance

  7. Guarantee Insurance

These are the full details below

1. Personal or Life Insurance

Life insurance is the most important Insurance because it deal with your life, also life insurance is different from others types of Insurance because is the subject matter of insurance is your life.

In life insurance the insurer will pay fixed amount of money at the time of delivery.

So many people engage in life Insurance because life is the most value property of an individual.

Life Insurance provide protection for the family it there is a case of suddenly death.

2. Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is the type of Insurance that pay for the damages of property or compensation for the loss of property and also covers injury and death.

This type of Insurance is used in automobile Insurance, machine insurance and also fidelity Insurance.

3. Social Insurance

Social Insurance provide protection for the weaker people of the society, who can’t afford to pay the premium for adequate Insurance, like unemployment Insurance, pension Insurance, disability, sickness Insurance, this are what socal Insurance means.

4. Fire Insurance

Fire insurance covers the risk of fire, with the help of fire Insurance the property damage by fire will be compensated and the insurer will not lose anything at all.

If you have any fire accident after you have buy fire insurance for your company or property, the insurance company will build your company or compensate you with need property as approximately in the same position in which it was before the fire out break.

Fire insurance also covers the the damages caused by turmoil, riot, and war.

5. Property Insurance

Property Insurance is the protection of an individual or a society from property loss either by fire or flood, so if an individual or a group of company buy property insurance then there property is safe from any damages, accidentally if any damages occur the insurance company will build it compensate them with the same property loss.

6. Marina Insurance

Marina Insurance is the act of protection property from water accident, marina provide protection against the loss of marina perils,

Marina Insurance insures ship cargo and freight from any damages.

Marina perils are a collision with rock, or ship l, attack from enemies, capture by pirates or fire.

Currently marine insurance have been divided into two parts which is

1. Ocean Marina Insurance

2. Inland Marina Insurance.

7. Guarantee Insurance

Guarantee Insurance covers the loss that cause by dishonesty, disloyalty, and disappearance of the employees.

The failure causes loss to the first party for example in export Insurance, the insurer will compensate the loss at the failure of the importers to pay the amount of debt.

These are types of insurance that you can buy.

Step By Step Guide On How To Start Paper and Pulp Production In Nigeria

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Paper Production business is old business in Nigeria because I have been in existence since the time of our fathers and in current Nigeria, paper production is still on high demand because the population is increasing everyday, and the people now have passion for education more than before, In Nigeria currently everybody want to go to school from Nursery school to secondary school to higher institution, these is not the case before because just few people have the passion for education because they believe in agriculture and so many other opportunities around them. So in simple sentence, Increase in population, increase in education likewise paper consumption.

So when the demand for paper is increasing everyday if you invest in paper production business definitely you will make a lot of interest on your investment, the most interesting part in paper production business is that you will low competitors because the number of paper producers company in Nigeria is less. The most precious thing in paper production business is that Nigeria has all the the natural resources needed for your paper production, you don’t need to travel abroad before you can buy the raw materials that you need for production.

Nigeria has large forest especially in the south west region, which make it easy for find most of the raw materials needed.

How to start paper and pulp business in Nigeria

1. Business Plan

Before you start any form of business you need to have good plan for your business so that you will low risk or lose on the business, you need to write business plan, because your business plan will guide you before and after you have started, you need to follow your business plan so that you will not fail, because if you fail to follow it then debt will come into your business. Business plan is very important document in business, it also which you will draw your business map inside.

Business plan consist of your all business activities from A to Z, if you do something else or something that is not included in your business then failure is closer to you.

A good business plan must include every details pertaining to your financial aspect of your business, in your business plan you should work out all your financial aspect, which is capital needed, rent, labour, and so on.

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2. Register your Company

This is very important aspect in every businesses for a business owner that just want to start need to register his or her company with the government and acquire the necessary documents need to run a company. You need to register your company with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC), this agency issues the requirements for doing business in Nigeria and so give you the demand of the federal government from any business owner before they register their company.

There is alot of advantage in registering your company with the government, firstly it will boost your customers confidence, also if you don’t register your business with the government, then your business will be counted as illegal business or company, so if you have register it will make your business to be popular because you will not operate illegal business anymore.

3. Good Location

Location is very important in business, you need to have a target area that your customers are located, also you need to choose suitable location for your business, if you start paper and pulp business in the wrong location then failure is very close to you, you need to make sure that your business location is bit near the forest because it is close to where your raw materials is, if you go ahead and set up your paper and pulp business in a city, it will surely have negative impact on your business. So location is very key in paper and pulp business.

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4. Business Funding

Paper and pulp business is the kind of business you need to have your capital before start it, you capital must be ready before you make any move.

Now if you have the capital then you can start making purchase of the materials needed to start but if you don’t have the capital you can take a loan, when applying for loan that will ask for your business plan because business plan is one the requirements for business loan.

It is important that you should not start anything related to the business if you the capital is not available

In Conclusion

Every business need sacrifices including paper and pulp business, you need be hardworking, work day and night for the success of your business, because you record success if you don’t do it well as stated above,

Advertisement is one of the pillar that carry the success of your business, you need to spend money on advertisement on local radio and television, also on socal Media like Facebook, Instagram.

Customer satisfaction is very important, make sure you treat your customers like a Kings and queen, because they are the one that tell people about your business if they say good thing about your business your you will see the positive result and also if they something bad you will also see the negative result.

Best Money Making Apps (Tested and Trusted)

Did you know that you can actually make money with your smartphone by downloading and using applications (app). Now in this article I will show you how to make money with your smartphone by downloading some special applications (app), and I will also share you the best money making app, which have been tested and trusted by millions of people across the globe.

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It not longer a news that most Nigerians spend most of their time on internet, either chatting, browsing, streaming videos, playing game and others. There are also millions of websites that render different services online with make everything easer for Nigerians, like

Socal Media,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

Payment websites

PayPal, Western Union

Bettings website

Nairabet, bet9ja, merrybet.

Forums websites


These websites above also have mobile application (app). For Android and iOS.

So in one sentence there is millions of websites and application (app) in Nigeria, but there are special applications that allow you to make money to your bank account.

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Now I will be sharing the list of the application (app) for Android, iOS, windows and iPhone user this application is for everybody, but I will provide the links for only Android users and iOS users because Android and iOS is the most popular operating system currently in Nigeria and other countries.

List Of The Best And Money Making Applications(APP).

1. Foap

Foap is one of the most tested and trusted application that pay her users without no delay that are trusted by millions of people Nigeria and also in other countries.

How it works

After you have download foap application from Google play store or iOS store,

This application is free to use, you don’t need to pay before and after you download it, then this app will allow you to sell your photo and make good amount of money, you can take the picture of anything, with your smartphone or digital camera, this app also will you the opportunity to upload your photo for free, on this app there is alot of big companies that are ready to buy these photos from you, you can sell you pictures to anyone around the world, this application will give you 50% of your sales. You can get free $50 if you complete a mission. This also help you to add you pictures with big photo platform like, Getty image.

If you have interested in making money with pictures then foap application is for you.

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2. Google Opinion Rewards

You all know Google is the biggest online company worth billions of dollar. Google also have her own money making application that allow you to make money from home with your smartphone,

How it works

Google opinion rewards is one of the great Google product that also you to make money doing simple job online, this was own by Google survey team. Firstly you need to download this app and install it on your smartphone, open this app and enter all the data that is needed you will be ask to enter your Gmail account password and so many things. (make sure you enter correct data) then Google will send survey to you for Chance to earn play store credit. Over 10 Million have people have download this app.

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3. Toluna

Toluna is also one of the highest paying app, toluna is a survey app. You can download it on their website and also download it on Google play store and iOS store. Install the app and then open the app.

How it works

This how toluna works, after you have download, install then is ready to use.

Toluna is am app that rewards you will money after you take and complete a survey. Toluna is one of the highest paying survey companies in the world. If you love taking survey then this app is for you because they pay alot of money if you understand how it works.

Toluna has been downloaded over one millions times on Google play store and the average rating is 3.3 star 🌟, from over 20,000 reviews.

4. Lucky Day

Lucky is little bit different because is it lotto playing application but it is free to download, use and play. You can download this app on Google play store and also on iOS store.

How it works

If you love playing lotto then this app is for you because this app give you the opportunity to play many lotto game, reffle game for free, scractcher for Chance to win big amount of money.

This application is free you don’t have anything to lose, Even Google play store have confirmed it that lucky day have paid over $2 million in cards to winners since they launch the app.

With this some many people have become millionaire, they claim up to $100,000 jackpot daily and cash out.

Over 1 million people have download this app and they rate it at 4.5 star.

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5. Make Money Free Cash App

You can download this app on Google play store for Android users, also on iOS store for iPhone user. Download, install and open the app.

How it works

This app pay you to give your opinion, watching videos, endorsement and testing services, this app claim to be the trusted among other money making apps. When you watch any video you will earn some point as the application is design, so when you have enough points then you will request for your money and they will pay you through PayPal

This app have over one million download and 4.7 star rate and review by 300, 000 people. On Google play store

6. Cashpirate

Cashpirate is also one of the tested and trusted money making apps, you can download cashpirate bon Google play store for Android users and if you are iPhone user you can download it on iOS store.

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How it works

Cashpirate is one app that pay you to do Simple work with your smartphone.

Cashpirate pay you to play games, download apps, watch videos, and complete survey.

This app also give you the opportunity to invite your friends and family to win some point (money) you will be earning point for all activities you do or perform on this app.yoj you can cash out your money through PayPal, you can also exchange your point for recharge card, win recharge card on this app or internet data.

This app was have over 110,000 positive review, and rate 4.5 star on Google play store.

These are the list of best money making App.

Lucrative Online Business in Nigeria Currently

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There is alot of online business in Nigeria, but there are some that are lucrative, Now I want to share you the most lucrative Online business in Nigeria.

It is not a news that most Nigerians spend more time on internet than away else, so this open many opportunities for people to start thinking of online business, how they can start it and make enough profit from their investment.

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Alot of people have setup a good and everlasting business online, like the founder of Facebook, he have became one of the most richest man in the world through his online business (Facebook), also the founder of Amazon is also one of the most richest man in the world through his online company, they are all billionaires through their online company, you can also setup your own online business and make it like them because they did not have two head.

Now let go straight to the point. The most lucrative online business in Nigeria currently

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online business in Nigeria currently because to start affiliate marketing is very easy and straight forward, Affiliate marketing remain the best because you don’t need to have a product or buy a product with your own money, that is to say, you can start making money for free without any investment.

Affiliate marketing is the act of prompting or adverting others people goods or products and get commission in return after you have sell the products or goods to them, the most interesting part of affiliate marketing is than you can earn up to 70% of any goods you sell, assuming. You are promoting an ebook which is $100 per each, and you make a sales of 10 per day which the total amount is $1000, then you commission will be $700 just for one day.

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2. Blogging

Blogging is the second lucrative online business, on my list blog is also easy when you take your time to learn how it works,

Blogging has be more popular and the news paper have been fading out because news blog is now giving fast and reliable news and other information, even faster than newspaper.

Almost every newspaper companies in Nigeria have a blog because they have know how blog works, even news media, like television, radio station now have blog.

To start a blog is supper easy all you need to learn it for few weeks or months, after learning start your blogging carear and you will make more than enough money in blogging.

You can start blogging with WordPress, or Blogger, although there is alot of blogging platform but I recommend those two platform, because of their quality and services

To create a blog on free hosted websites like blogger, or WordPress will not take up to 30 minutes, but i advise you to create self hosted because it gives you more opportunities you can’t find in free hosted, also to create self hosted website can’t take you two hours. If you properly plan for you blog and do the right thing at the right time, firstly as a blogger you need to be posting regularly, also write good content don’t copy from others blog, give full details information on what you are writing. As a beginner you can make up $500, in a month and after months of blogging you can make up $1000 or more in blogging if you are hardworking and fast learner.

After some months of your blogging and you have minimum of 50 blog post, you can then apply and start making money from Google AdSense, or Affiliate Marketing, or selling your own products.

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3. Freelance

Freelance is also one of the lucrative online business in Nigeria currently because of the profit in freelance it became one of the ways you can make fast money online easily, freelance work is a large forest that have different trees, because in freelance there is so many job there, writing website design, game Develop, SEO Expert , graphics design, blog commenting, translation, video editing, programming, social media marketing, typing, data entry and so on.

Freelance is about working from home, if you are especially in the above job then you can become a freelance and they will be start paying you for your service.

So if you have the skill mentioned above or can learn one of them quickly, then freelance is for you, there is a lot of platform that give room for freelance to show cash their works and also get connected to client, you can sign up for these websites below

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4. Teaching Online

Online teaching is the act of teaching people through the internet online teaching is current accepted in Nigeria there are many online school like open universities and other distance learning, there universities that make use of the internet to communicate with their students, and other universities also recommend online for their student.

So if you have the knowledge of teaching you can start teaching people online and they will pay you for it, it is recommend to ask those distance learning school if they need online teacher, maybe they can employ you , but if they can’t employ you, then you can start your own online teaching on your blog or on YouTube, you will charge people money before they can get access to your blog post or videos.

5. Drop Shipping and Online Shop

Did you know that the richest man in the world Jeff Bezcos get his month from online shop also known as online shop, he has an online shop called Amazon,

Online Shop is also one of the lucrative online business in Nigeria, online shop is the act of creating shop, reaching customers online and selling, showcasing your products to people online.

There is alot of online shop website in Nigeria like jumia, konga and so on these websites make a lot of money by selling goods online in Nigeria,

But Drop shipping all you need to do is create an online shop look for major supplier of goods that you want to sell, then copy their inventory display the products on your online shop. When the people visit your online shop and they want to buy goods they will now order from the supplier, they will send the goods to you and you will earn money from the goods purchase by your customer, in drop shipping you don’t need to have a product.

To start drop shipping you can create a shop on Shopify or woocommerce.

6. Digital Products

You can start making money online by creating digital products like tutorial videos, e books, themes, Apps, Software and game so on.

Digital products is one of the most profitable business online because the money you will make on it each product unlimited, for example if you write a informative and helpful ebook and you sell it for 1000 people today, and you make your money, you will still sell the same ebook tomorrow and make money again the money you will make on digital products is unlimited.

If you are looking for online business that will make you rich then consider digital product

For example Instagram, was created by some group of friends and later sold to Facebook for billions of dollar,

If you take you time to create digital product today your profit is forever.

7. Website Design

There is alot of websites on internet, and also there is hundreds of websites created everyday, in Nigeria currently there is alot of business man or woman that want good website for their business, even ordinary primary school has a website now in Nigeria take less of secondary School or polytechnic or universities.

People are creating website everyday and the demand for website designer is increasing everyday.

You can learn coding and learn programming, after you have learn how to how to design a website, then you will create a website for your business, so that you will reach out to your customer through it and also run an advertisement on social media like Facebook and Instagram. In fews months you will become a well paid website designer.

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8. Flip Domain and Websites

Flip domain is also one of the most lucrative online business in Nigeria currently, flip domain is the act of buying and selling of domain names or websites, this is very easy and also profitable online business. You can buy a domain name for $30 and later after few months you sell it for higher price and make your profit (depending on how your domain name is popular), you can also buy a website run it for few years or months and then sell it to another person in higher price.

There are many place you can flip domain and website sedo, flippa.

Domain Flipping is very profitable if you truly follow and understand how it works.

These are the list of lucrative online business in Nigeria.

Best Business Ideas – How To Make Money In Nigeria Currently

Best Business Ideas In Nigeria That Can Turn You To Millionaire

If you are looking for business or you want to engage or invest in a good or profitable business in Nigeria then you in the right place because i will be unveiling the ideas right here.

These are business ideas in Nigeria that have work very well for so many people in Nigeria, Even if you are serious about this business you can start with small capital and still make enough profit.

In Nigeria there is a lot of business opportunities but the people are not shine away from it because

They can’t take risk,

They want to work in cool office

But there are still few people that are engaging in one business or another, so from those who engage in these business I decide to bring ideas from them to you so that you can use to establish your own business

Business Ideas

1. Farming

Farming is the most profitable business in Nigeria, but alot of Nigerians are shining away from it because they think it job is the for uneducated people, farming is very profitable if you good business plan. You can start planting different types of corp like cassava, maize ,yam, and others.

2. Honey business

Honey business is very profitable because in Nigeria because very important to so many people, even doctors recommend it to theirs patient, did you know that alot of people are making millions from honey business, you too can invest as little as N50,000 on honey business and you will see how much you will make from it after Six(6) months, if properly plan and I promise to write on how to start honey business in Nigeria.

3. Printing Business

Printing business have been in existence since the time past and currently in Nigeria printing business is still one of the best business to invest in because Nursery and Primary School is increasing everyday in Nigeria, these school need someone that will print their writing materials. All you need is small investment and you will start printing exercise books, big notes and higher education for these school, also you can print greetings card, calendar, postal and so on. With good plan you can make good amount of money on your investment in short period of time.

4. Blogging

Blogging remain best method of making money online because you will teach you own topic on it and be your own boss, but note blogging is not get rich quickly way of making money online but if you have patient, hardworking and do the right thing at the right time you will make good amount of money in blogging,

To start blogging you must know how to write good content, if you don’t have writing knowledge you can learn it. You can commence your blogging career with WordPress or Blogger I recommend this platform because that are the best of the rest. Remember hardworking is the key to your success in blogging.

5. Laundry Service

Laundry is very good and profitable business idea, laundry have help those who engage in the business, because it is easy to start, you need little capital in laundry service business. If you want to engage in laundry service business you must have a shop in human traffic area, so that people will know you. Advertisement is the key to success in laundry and good services.

6. Used Items

You can start the business of selling used Items like London used clothes popularly called Okirika, you can start selling Okirika clothes, Okirika Shoe, Okirika belt, and Okirika Bag, you need little capital to start this business because used Items are so cheap, used Items is one of the best business, if you start small in short period of time you will grow and become big if you are serious and doing the right thing at the right time.

7. Soap Production

We all need soap to wash your clothes, plates, car hand, bathe and so on. Soap production have been in existence in Nigeria since the days of our fore fathers and still in high demand in Nigeria currently because everyone need soap either you are poor or rich, soap business is very profitable you can start with little capital as N50,000.

8. Rental Business

Rental business is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria currently, you will be renting chair, table and canopy to those who want to do party, alot bof people have build houses and send children to University through the business of renting services. Advertisement is also the key of success here and alot of patient.

9. Private Class

You can start private coaching business, you will setup a learning center for student that want to sit for exam like NECO WAEC JAMB and GCE. all you need to start is few workers to teach the subject you don’t know. Alot of people are going into this business everyday because there is a lot of students out there that want to write an exam. With this you will be exchanging your know with huge amount of money.

10. Recharge Card Printing

Recharge card printing business is in high demand in Nigeria currently because the number of phone users is increasing everyday and these phone users need recharge card to call, text and browse the internet. So you will print it and they will come and buy from you.

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11. Bread Production

Bread Production business is an even green business in Nigeria because all most every Nigerians eat bread everyday especially for breakfast, if you have the money that is needed to start bread Production business if good business idea to invest in because those who are in bread production industry are making millions from it. To be successful in bread production business you need to have a good shop in human traffic area and advertise your products.

12. Paint Making

Paint Making have low competition because so many people have not know the secret behind the business, you if you start your paint making business today there is a lot of opportunities for you to because you will be only one in million people. All you need is training from expert on paint making you can start with little amount as N100,000 and grow to become a big paint company like the name of painting companies you know in Nigeria.

13. Real Estate

You can start the business of real estate involve buying and selling of property, buy land or house and sell it to another person in higher price and make profit from it this business is one of the profitable business in Nigeria currently, because everyone want to build house or buy house. Many investors have make millions in real estate business in Nigeria.

These are the list of business ideas in Nigeria.


Every business has one problem or the other, you must have the knowledge to solve any business problem or challenges, this is what make you a hero and successful man in every business if you can solve any problem facing your business.

Advertisement is very important in any and every business, make sure you advertise your business online and also offline so that you will be popular in short period of time.

Patient is also important in business good things don’t happen easily you need work hard for it day and night.

List Of Multinational Companies In Nigeria Currently

If you are want to know exactly numbers of registered companies in Nigeria then you are in the right place because I will be showing the list here.

Nigeria is federal republic in Western part of Africa, Nigeria got Independent from British colonial in October 1960 since then Nigeria have been practicing Democratic Government.

Now here are the companies that have headquarters in Nigeria, most of these companies have there headquarters in Lagos State Nigeria, Lagos.

List of multinational companies in Nigeria


1. Access Bank

2. Aero Consumer

3. Shell Petroleum Develpment Company (SPDC) Oil and Gas. Multinational

4. Total Oil and Gas

5. Mobil Oil and Gas

6. Chevron Oil and Gas Multinational.

7. Nestelé Nigeria FMCG Multinational

8. Julius Berger Construction Multinational

9. Google Technology Multinational

10. Unilvever FMCG Multinational

11. 9mobile Nigeria Telecommunication Multinational

12. KPMG Consulting company

13. Cadbury FMCG Multinational

14. CocaCola FMCG Multinational

15. Halliburton Energy Oil and Gas Multinational

16. GE Conglomerate Multinational

17. PZ FMCG Multinational

18. P&G FMCG Multinational

19. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceticals Multinational

20. British American Tobacco FMCG Multinational

21. Friesland Foods WAMCO FMCG Multinational

22. Guinness FMCG Multinational

23. 7up Bottling Company FMCG Multinational

24. Schlumberger Oil and Gas

25. Price Waterhouse Cooper(PWC) Consulting Multinational

26. Baker Hughes Oil and Gas

27. Lafarge Cement Construction Multinational

28. United Nations International Organization Multinational

29. MTN Telecommunication Multinational

30. UNICAF Non Profit Multinational

31. UAC FMCG Multinational

32. Accenture Consulting Multinational

33. Stanbic IBTC Multinational

34. Addax Oil and Gas Multinational

35. Standard Chartered Bank Multinational

36. IBM Technology Multinational

37. USAID Non Profit Multinational

38. DHL Logistics Multinational

39. MAERSK GROUP Conglomerate Multinational

40. ENI (Saipem) formerly ACIP Oil and Gas Multinational

41. WHO Non Profit Organization.

These are the list of multinational companies in Nigeria.

Things You Can Do To Make Money In Nigeria Currently

Things you can do to make money in Nigeria

I know everybody need money and it sure that not everybody has a good job, but you have job, you don’t have job, you must eat and drink and also spend money on others things.

So if you are in the group of people who don’t have good job and look for what to do so that you will have money in your pocket, and you are now asking this question, What are the things I can do in Nigeria to make money. I have take my time to research and I found out that this is the hottest question online,

Am here to get your step by step instructions on how and what to do to make huge amount of money within short period of time.

There are many ways in which you can make money in Nigeria, it can be online or offline, there are easy and simple job to do in Nigeria currently and make good amount of money but so many Nigerians don’t know this, so it becomes secret to so many Nigerians, but am here to uncover the secret to you step by step with good guide on every aspect.

Now I have make a research on things you can do in Nigeria currently to make money either online or offline.

The main advantages of the business, am about to share with you is that you don’t need to be a millionaire before you can start these businesses but it is low capital business.

You can easily start a small business and make huge profit if you truly setup well and you have good plan before and after the business.

Now Here Is The List Of The Business You Can Do To Make Money in Nigeria.

1. Hotel Business

Hotel business is very profitable in Nigeria currently because rate if the people traveling everyday, we have the population of over 200 million people in Nigeria and over 50% people travel from one location to another everyday. So if you are interested in hotel business you can go into it, you don’t need to build a mansion before start hotel business, you can start hotel business with just 5-10 room, the most important thing is that you should get good location for your hotel business. It is advisable to build your hotel near motor park so that those who traveling will found it easy to locate your hotel.

2. E-Commerce

In the last five years E-Commerce have been a huge business location because so many people are now buying things like car, phone, laptop, clothes, and so on. Nigeria you can now buy everything online, so if you set up an e-commerce website in Nigeria there is a lot of opportunities awaiting you because there are so many people that want to buy things online then you will sell to them and make huge profit from it.


Exercise is very important as directed by medical doctor or consultants so when you own a gym people will come and exercise their body and you will get paid for it.

4. Laundry Business

You can start collecting dirty clothes and wash it and return it to the owner and you will get paid for it. In this business you don’t need capital.

5. Fast Food

You can start selling noodles at the bus stop and make good money for it because it very profitable.

6. Painting Services

You can work as a painter and get paid for it easily, in this business you don’t need any capital you capital is your skill.

7. Freelance writer

As a freelance writer all you need to is to write for your clients and get paid instantly.

8. Website Designer

As a website designer you will be working on websites, you need to have coding, skill HTML, CSS and JAVA

9. Social Media Consultant

As a social media consultant all you need to do is to handle a social media of a big company and be there representative on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

10. Blogging

You can decide to start blogging, create a website and start writing about what you know, it can be teaching or other things.

You can start blogging using WordPress or Blogger

11. Importation business

You can start importation of goods to Nigeria, this is profitable business if you have good business plan before and after you start. You can import things like phone, laptop and others.

12. Furnitures Selling

You can start buying and selling furnitures works and make good profit from it anytime people buy from you.

13. Rental Business

You can choose to engage in renting business like renting a chair, table, canopy for those who need it and get paid instantly.

14. Online Teaching

You can decide to join YouTube community and create a channel and then start teaching people on what you know. You will make money from AdSense

15. Snacks making

You can decide to learn how to make snacks and after learning you will start making snacks and them sell it to final consumer.

16. Fitness consultants
As a fitness consultants all you need to do is to advise people on how to stay healthy by doing exercises and so many things like that.

17. Tutorial Center

You can organize a tutorial center for student that want to sit for exam like NECO,WAEC, JAMB, GCE and so. Leture them and get paid for it.

18. Event Planner

There is a lot of event during the weekend and the people need someone who will plan for them, organize, and do all sorts of things to make the event go smoothly without any issues.

19. Bakery

If you own a bakery you can put it on rent for those who want to do cake , bread and so many other things and they will pay you.

20. Photographer

In every weekend there most be one or two party and the people need the service of a photographer, as a photographer you will make money every weekend.

21. Catfish Business

Catfish is very important in Nigeria because most of the beer parlor in Nigeria are using catfish as a pepper soup for their customers, so start catfish farming and sell it to those who owns beer palor.

22. Wholesale

You can start wholesale businessbusiness, buying goods from the manufacturer and then sell it to retailers around you, it can be any goods. But profitable goods is advise.

23. Retailer

Is the act of buying goods from wholesaler and then sell it to final consumer, it can be any goods but profitable goods is advise.

24. Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria in the time past and also currently, you can start real estate by buying and selling landing property.

25. Home Tutor

You can start organizing home teaching for little Kids around your neighborhood and get paid for it.

26. Snail Farming

Snail is a great source of protein and most people love to eat no how much is it, you can start snail farming and sell it for those who need it and get good amount of money in return.

27. Poultry

Poultry business is very profitable in Nigeria especially at the time of Christmas and new year because by that time everybody want to eat chicken, and you will be there to sell it for them.

28. Cleaning

You can engage in cleaning business, cleaning office, home, and other places and get paid for it.

29. Creche

They are alot of parents that are busy with their work, and they did not have time to take care of their kids, you are a nanny they will drop kids for you at the morning and pick up at the evening, as a nanny you will charge them and they will pay you monthly.

30. Hair Stylist

You can be a hair stylist, do others people hair and get paid for it, you don’t need so much capital in this business, all you need is human traffic area, and little instrument.

31. Online advertisement

You can engage in running online advertisement for other people who can’t do it or who can’t do it well, those who render this service get paid huge amount of money because they deal with big companies.

32. Barbing Saloon

Everybody love good hair cut, if you have the skill of barbing or you the opportunity to learn barbing, yes, it easy for you to start your barbing Saloon business. All you need is good shop located in good and human traffic area.

33. Electrical service

As an electrician you can connect wire from the pole to a new house and do many other electric work and get paid for it.

34. Fashion Designer

Everybody want to look good by putting on the best and excellent design dress surely they need the service of a fashion designer to work on their dresses.

35. Catering services

Good food is the best friend of everybody you are interested or have the skill of cooking, then it easy for you to go into catering service, All you have to do is to cook for people who have party like wedding, birthday ceremony or so on and get paid for it.

36. Bread Production

Bread Production is very profitable Business in Nigeria since the time past and still profitable now because Nigerians have not stop eating bread, if you are interested in bread Production business and have what it takes to setup the business properly you can go into it because it very profitable.

37. Computer School

Every parent want their children to be computer literate and they want to the best computer school for their children, if you set up a computer school they will come to you can you will train them and get paid for your service.

38. Employment Agent

You can work as an employment Agent, all you need to do is to get job for people and they will pay you after you have do successful job.

39. Pure and table water business

Unfortunately the Nigerian government has failed to provide good water for Nigerians, the people need to drink good water so that provide for themselves.

If you are interested in pure water and table water business and you can afford the startup capital and other expenses then I advise you to go into the business because it is in high demand currently in Nigeria because the government have fail to provide good water.

40. Recharge Card Printing business

Currently in Nigeria everybody use phone even the child of Seven years can now operate a smartphone, the rate of phone users is increasing everyday so when the rate is increasing these phone users need recharge Card to make calls, browse the internet and download all sorts of things. Phone users surely need recharge Card, so if you invest little amount on recharge card business you will make profit on your investment quickly.

41. Phone and laptop repair

Mostly everybody are phone and laptop users so phone and laptop develop fault, they will bring it for you to repair and make money from them.

42. Phone sales

More than 200 million people in Nigeria, they all need phone to call, text and browse, if you are interested in phone buying and selling business and have what it takes to start invest your money in phone business and make good profit from your investment.

43 Laptop sales and service.

Engage in laptop sales and service business is very profitable and easy because you don’t need to be a millionaire before you can start, alot of people are doing this business and making alot of money.

44. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling or promoting others people goods and after you make a sales for the real owner of the goods you will be paid a certain amount of money as commission.

45. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the act of marketing others people or you own goods online, driving buyer or final consumer to a product online, this involve running an advertisement on online. Alot of people have make millions from this business.

46. Graphics Designer

As a graphics designer you need to have the knowledge of Photoshop, coredraw and other applications to design a picture, logo and others.

47. Programming

As a programmer you need to have the knowledge of coding, be a able to work on phone application and desktop software also.

48. Clothing Business

Clothing business is very profitable and in high demand because everybody need to put in cloth, either rich or poor. Those who are in clothing business are making huge amount of money, invest in clothing business and make money like them.

49. Driving business

Driving business is an ever green Business because it is the business that have been in existence since the time of our fathers and still the business is in high demand currently because not everybody have a car, even those who has a car prefer to use public transport because of high cost of fuel especially when going to long distance journey. If you have a car or bus you can convert it to public/commercial tax or bus.

50. Printing business

Printing business is an also ever green because people have been printing documents since the olden days, printing business is also profitable currently in Nigeria, you can invest printing business and make good money in the business, you will be printing things like, calendar, books for primary schools, greetings card and so on.


Here are the business you can invest your money and time in Nigeria currently and make profit on your investment. Every business need good plan because a business well planned before and after investing in it can’t fail or loss capital, secondly advertisement is very important, you need to advertise your business so that many people around you or far away from you will know what you are selling. Also business can’t be profitable overnight you need to be patient in every thing you do don’t give up on a business that is not profitable quickly. Likewise get a mentor, this is very important aspect in business, when you have a good mentor than your success is not far because your mentor will teach you what he or she have experience when he or she was like you in the business.

These are things you can do to make money in Nigeria.

Step By Step On How to Make Money online in Nigeria ( For Beginner)

Currently in Nigeria alot of people are making cool cash online doing very simple work and get paid for it, Even most of the don’t have laptop or desktop they are using their smartphone, and it easy for them because nowadays smartphone can also do the same thing a desktop computer or laptop computer can do. So if you also want to make money online am here to take you through everything from A to Z, just reading. Am here to show you genuine and legal way to make money online with doing internet fraud (Yahoo).

Currently in Nigeria everybody from anywhere can make money online you don’t need to be University graduate before you can start making money online because the process is not a science rocket,

You can be student, or a University graduate who don’t have good job or anybody, the interesting thing about online business is that you can work from anywhere at anytime.

Now there are many ways or method of making money online legally, without fraud.

1. Blogging

Blogging is the best way or method of earning big and endless income online because the benefits of blogging is unlimited, blogging have turn alot of Nigerian to billionaires and millionaire in the past and also currently, blog is one of the best online business you should consider and engage in to start up a blog is very simple you don’t need to go to university and learn computer science before you can start blogging, there is a lot of websites that give you the opportunity to create your blog with them and also there are so many hosting company in Nigeria and also in other countries.

You can start your blog through these websites. But I recommend this two blogging platform

° WordPress

° Blogger and other’s

To make money online as a blogger you need to choose trending inche to write about like Electronic device, Phone and laptop review, Business, News, Sports, Entertainment and so on. For you to be successful as a blogger you need to be patient and be hardworking and also know how to write good article like this.

After you have created your blog and have minimum 30 content on it then you apply for Google AdSense, sign up for Google AdSense and after you have got an approval Google will be able to place an advertisement on your website, so when your visitors visit your website and they click advert then you will paid per Click.

2. YouTube

Did you know that you can earn money on Youtube, YouTube is the largest video sharing website where most people watch video and learn new things, Google is the owner of YouTube there are some step you need to take before you can start earning money on YouTube, the first step is to set up a Youtube channel, then keep uploading good videos that is helpful and also attractive. There is one of Google product called Google AdSense, when you sign up on Google AdSense you will create an account on Google AdSense, then if you your YouTube channel is qualify and also meet the Google AdSense requirements, then Google will start show advertisement on your videos then when your viewers click this advertisement Google will pay you. To make money on YouTube is very easy if you all the instructions and do the right thing at the right time.

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3. Freelance

Freelance is one of the best and fastest way or method of making money online because you will be paid directly to provide services to your business client, as a freelancer you will choose whether to work full time or part time,as a freelance you can render services like writing, website design, SEO works, graphics designer, social media marketing, data entry, guest posting, email marketing, and so on freelance works are unlimited, and after you have work you get your money instantly without no delay. Here is the list of freelance marketplace, this websites give the freelance to advertise their services.

1. Upwork,

2. Fiverr,

3. iWrite,

4. Peopleperhour,

5. Simplyhired,

6. Guru.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable online business if you understand how it works and know the do and don’t, alot of Nigerians have money millions of dollar in affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketing is the act of selling or prompting others people goods or products and when you have a sales on this product you will be paid a certain amount as commission, the most interesting thing is that is the commission is so high as 60% – 95% on anything product.

Here is the website that have goods to promote, create an account with these websites and start ending money online legally.


Commission Junction

Clickbank and commission Junction have thousands of products so you login with your account and promote these products it is advisable to promote popular and trending products so that you will have sales quickly because most people believe in popular products.

5. Content Writing

If you have the skill of writing or you love writing then content writing is the best option for you because you will make money from your writing by writing for those who need a writer. It is advisable to know how to write good and informative content, if you don’t know how to write good content or you don’t know how to write at all you can start learning how to write, later after few days or months of learning go back and sign up to the websites below as a content writer and start advertising yourself as a writer. It is important that you have writing skill before you join these websites.






There is no free money anywhere you need to work hard and meet the criteria before you can make money online, online business is like offline business which must demand invest your money and also invest your time, and be patient with everything you do online especially with Google and other companies you can make quickly if you have a good and personal mentor but if you don’t have a personal mentor the journey will be more difficult for you but what will make your success in your online business is hardworking and also make sure you bare doing the right thing at the right time.

Step By Step On How To Make Side Income Easily As A Student In Nigeria

Image Credit Shutterstock

Are you a teen or parent, maybe you are a student, job seeker or you are working but your salary is not enough to spend throughout of the month and you need side income to cover many of your expenses like school fee, house rent, transport fee, and other fee, then this article is for you because I will teach you how to make side income online and also offline. So if you are one of the people mention above you need to o choose one of this ways you can make money online and also offline.

How to make side income easily as a student in Nigeria

1. Through Your Smartphone

Did you know that you can actually make money with your Smartphone, yes it is possible there is a lot of website that will pay you to work for them (Simple Task) there are some social media that will pay you for commenting on their website also posting, there is a lot of website that will promise you money for some task but only few of them pay and fulfill the promise, so for the purpose of this article I have take my time to search for the best paying website that are tested and trusted.
The main task you need to do on this websites is to do exactly what the owner or founder want you to do. In money making websites there are tons of rules and regulations that you need to follow, Some website can pay you to watch an advertisement videos, while others will want you to do survey, data entry, refer people to their website, some websites can even pay you for playing game or listen music or radio likewise downloading apps. and These are the list of the websites.

NNURefer People, Commenting, nnu website is a news website and also will pay you to refer people and earn 1,000 naira to refer one person, and also pay you for other things like,

Commenting – 2 naira.

Sharing Sponsor post on facebook -50 naira.

Refer one person and earn 1,000 naira to register with nnu you need to make one time payment of 1,600 to buy coupon code. To register on nnu click here to register.

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Newspay is also like nnu, newspay and nnu is 100%

Refer People, Commenting, newspay website is a news website and also will pay you to refer people and earn 1,000 naira to refer one person, and also pay you for other things like,

Commenting – 2 naira.

Sharing Sponsor post on facebook -50 naira.

Refer one person and earn 1,000 naira to register with newspay you need to make one time payment of 1,600 to buy coupon code. To register on nnu click here to register for Newspay.

Clixsense – Refer People And other Few

Inbox dollars is also paying her users when they watch videos, take survey and also to data entry as instructed to do.

Wankada is also like newspay

Refer People, Commenting, wankanda website is a news website and also will pay you to refer people and earn 1,000 naira to refer one person, and also pay you for other things like,

Commenting – 2 naira.

Sharing Sponsor post on facebook -50 naira.

Refer one person and earn 1,000 naira to register with wakanda you need to make one time payment of 1,600 to buy coupon code. To register on nnu click here to register for wankanda.

2. Dog working

If you are looking for how to make money offline and also have much time you can consider dog working services,

Most of dog owner don’t have time walk their dog but they want their dog to get exercise, so the dog owner will pay you per hour to walk with their dog. You can advertise this service in your neighborhood surely you will find those that need your services.

3. Car Wash

Car Wash is very popular business in Nigeria currently and also in other countries, car washing business is very profitable is properly plan, because most of people can wash their by themselves so if you are considering of good offline job Car Wash is very good option for you. To set up a car wash business is very easy all you need to do is to get a human traffic area and also good equipment to work.

4. Sales Representative

If you are seeking for offline paying job you need to try Sales Representative is very profitable job all you have do is to look for companies that need the service of a sales representative, you can work at the store and other place in any company related to sales. You can also contact the nearest supermarket maybe they need the service of a sales representative.

5. Run Errands

Many people are busy will like to pay someone who us willing to run errands for them. They can will pay the person an agree amount per hour to run errands for them, they can send the person to anywhere to do something for them like buying things in supermarket, buying fuel, and all sort of things. So if you like this offer you can tell your neighbor and you will find those who need this service and you get paid to do the simple job and earn extra money.

6. Sell Your Products

You can sell your products on websites like Evay, Carigslist, or you can sell it to your neighbor you need these products can sell your products like jewelry, woodworking, artwork or other items, you can open an Etsy shop and advertise these products to those who need them and they will buy it from you. And make good money from it.

7. Selling Your Design

One of the best ways to make side income is to sell your own design works like customized book or T shirt, and other items you can design you can upload your design works on websites like Cafepress or Redbubble. On these websites your products will meet the final consumer easily without stress.

8. Movie Theater Worker

If you are interested in working as a movie theater worker, it is good and paying job. Movie Theater offer alot of job like janitorial position, ticket sellers tickets taker, and so on. To get this job you need to check local theater closer to you and request for this offer.

9. Sell Your Things

If you have some old clothes, toys, game, and accessories that you don’t use anymore you can choose to sell and make good amount of money back to your pocket. You can choose to sell these things in different places like nearest job or you can even sell it online on websites like facebook, or Craigslist.

10. Restaurant Workers

You can help others in their businesses you can work as a restaurant attendence or cashier, cleaner or a waiter, you can check your nearest restaurant if they want a cashier or cleaner, or waiter.

11. Work As A Property Agent

Working as a property agent is very profitable job because you don’t need to invest money and time on it, and at the end you will earn huge amount of money easily, All you have to do as a property agent is to help property owner to look for tenant or buyer and after the you introduce a tenant or a buyer to property owner and the tenant or buyer pay then you will get commission for the money being paid. This job is very profitable and easily to make your job faster you need to advertise your services to many people around you.

12. Collect Aluminum Can

You can start collecting aluminum can, it is a profitable business because you don’t need to buy them all you have do it is to pick the aluminum cans and sell it for those who need it and they will pay you good money for it.

13. Rental

You can choose to rent out your things like books, video game to your within neighborhood and charge them for certain amount to pay per hour or daily.

If you are doing this business you need to have a book that you will the record of list people that are with your items so that you will lose your property.

14. Gardener

You can work as a gardener within your neighborhood and earn good amount of money, if your neighbor have flowers garden advertise your services to them they will offer you money to remove the weeds in their garden.

15. Grass and Plant Watering

Most people don’t have time to water their grass and plant, flowers, so if you are interested in grass and plant watering tell people around you and you will go to their house and water these items for them and they will pay according to your agreement.

16. Teach Kids

You can organize kids class in your house and teach the kids in your neighborhood then charge their parents for money.

17. Online Teaching

Online teaching has become serious business because most of colleges and universities have websites online where they teach their students and also distance learning is not allowed by most countries across the globe, so if you are interested in online teaching go ahead and teach about what you know, there are alot of websites that will pay you for doing online teaching on their website.

Here are the names of online teaching website


18. Painting

You can work as painter but you need to learn it from expert in painting industry, so after learning then advertise your self and what you are doing. In Painting business you don’t need to invest thousands of dollar or naira because your customer will buy the paint for you or give you the money to buy it.

19. Call Center Representative

Call center representative job is very easy because you don’t have move from one place to another when working, you can easily work from home, all you have do is do as a customer care for companies or organization and then you will get paid to pick calls and talk to customer solve their problem and do other stuff.

20. Help Old People

You can help those are lonelyby keeping their company, play, with them, read for them and make them happy and get paid for it .

To get this kind of job you need to check local retirement communities that is where you can find this kind of job because you will be dealing with old peoples.

Follow these tips and you will find it easy to make side income as a student in Nigeria.

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