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Most Profitable Business In Singapore 2019 Update

Many people around the world perceive Singapore as an
excellent tourist hub, what with its sights and sounds, the
hospitality and warmth of the people and the multicultural
atmosphere that it has to offer.
There’s no doubt about the fact that Singapore has something
for everyone and can yield some amazing experiences for
tourists when it comes to their epicurean delights, globally
renowned tourists spots, clean and secure environment and
entertainment options.
Did you know that Singapore also offers an extremely
business-friendly environment to foreign investors? In fact, it
has recently been adjudged the best-value city for foreign
All the factors that are conducive to starting and running a
new business such as a strong forex market, free market
economy, financial stability, robust legal and regulatory
framework, advanced and efficient infrastructure, a corruption-
free system, strategic geographical advantages and skilled
manpower are easily available which make it a very attractive
investment hub.
Top international firms like Apple, Google, Credit Suisse, DBS
Bank, Procter and Gamble, Microsoft, et al have already
acknowledged the potential in Singapore and have set up
successfully running businesses here. There is also immense
scope for business entertainment, which Singapore considers a
crucial part of promoting foreign investment.
If you’re looking for a healthy environment which is especially
good for sustaining a start-up business, then Singapore is your
one-stop destination. In fact, there is scope for all kinds of
businesses to flourish here. Read on to know more about the
most successful and lucrative business options (in no particular
order) that you can start in Singapore.

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest
contributors to the Singapore economy. The country’s
natural beauty, flora and fauna as well as heritage structures
are pleasant to the eyes. Singapore is known to be a safe
tourist haven bundled with pocket-friendly shopping options.

If the 2012 statistics provided by the Singapore Tourism Board
are to be believed, then Singapore tourism receipts registered a
staggering S$23 billion, with International Visitor Arrivals
alone at around 14.4 million. The numbers mentioned here
speak for themselves and the scope is only expected to grow.
You might want to think about tapping potential domestic and
international tourists by setting up your own travel agency or
an airline that would cater to their every need and make their
visit a memorable one.


Any destination that has a booming tourism industry will
most definitely have a growing hospitality industry. This
includes small-time bars and cafes to large multinational
chains of hotels and resorts to the food and beverage industry
As Singapore is a major tourist destination, boutique as well as
major luxury hotels have great scope for business – not only
from the business perspective but also from the employee
Maybe you too should make hay while the sun shines and
invest in this sector.

Information Technology

Many globally-renowned IT firms have already set up
businesses in Singapore owing to the growing potential and
skilled labour available in this arena. The infrastructure in
Singapore has also been established keeping in mind the
support that IT businesses would require in the years to come.
You could set up a business that provides a variety of IT
services such as wireless networks, or web development, social
networking, website designing or other businesses depending on
your interest. Cyber laws here are well-equipped to regulate the
internet and are updated on a regular basis.


Biotechnology is a rapidly developing industry in Singapore
and has lately been attracting a lot of foreign attention. The
government of Singapore is leaving no stone unturned in
promoting this sector as a knowledge-based one.
Whether it is spending on the development of infrastructure,
R&D facilities, technology or other aspects that support this
industry, the government has been investing a great deal of
money in it.
International players like Pfizer, Novartis and
GlaxoSmithKline have made their presence felt here. You too
can make an investment in this sector and gain from it.


Singapore is also known to be one of the major telecom hubs
in the Southeast Asian region. Be it mobile phone connections
or providing internet services, there is a whole market that has
been left untapped by existing telecommunications players.
Although the existence of private players is very prominent,
facilities such as radio and television stations are all
government-owned bodies. The print media is dominated by
Singapore Press Holdings and MediaCorp.
This is a good time to think about investing in this sector and
tap the market that is waiting to be catered to.

Fashion Retail

Singaporeans are a very fashionable bunch of people. They love
keeping up with the latest trends and looking their best at all
times. International high street fashion brands such as H&M,
Aldo, Levis, Zara and the ilk are already making their chunk
of profits here.
Tourists coming from all over the world shop in Singapore and
stock up on these brands, the products of which are available at
reasonable prices.
As the fashion retail industry in Singapore is bound to
flourish, you could open a retail outlet/franchisee and make
your pile of profits too.


This is an up-and-coming industry in the world of business in
Singapore. It offers a lot of scope to businessmen as there are
very few institutes within Southeast Asia that provide quality
Not only do Singaporean institutes provide good quality
education but their courses are also in high demand. This is
turning out to be a preferred destination especially for
Southeast Asian students who want to go for higher studies
but without venturing far away from home.
You could consider setting up business in this sector that
provides accredited courses in travel and tourism, hospitality,
fashion designing, business administration, science and
research and so on.

Singapore Business Class (Differences Between Business and First Class)

Envision a pilot in the cockpit making his welcome-aboard
announcement to the passengers saying, “The flight time today is
five hours in first class and 12-½ hours in coach.” Of course,
there are no differences in flight times between business and first
class, but passengers who sit “up front” often remark that their
flight felt faster, thanks to the added comfort.Even flight attendants prefer to travel first class. Wendy
Sue Knecht, a former Pan Am flight attendant who wrote a
memoir about her experiences, said she has “always preferred to
work up front… More time to schmooze and I loved surrounding
myself with elegance.”
Although the differences between first class and business class are
not as significant as those between economy and first or business,
there are still some variables to consider when making your travel
choice. In general, first class costs about twice as much as business
class. But that can vary significantly by route and airline.
Ben Schlappig, a consultant and travel blogger who flies an
average of 400,000 miles a year, said he almost exclusively sits in
first and business class and has noticed the business class section
improving dramatically. “Overall we’re seeing more airlines
eliminating first class and instead installing great business-class
service, given that the market for first class is pretty limited,”
Schlappig said. “Nowadays business-class seats are better than
first-class seats used to be. Meanwhile some of the first class seats
we see nowadays have out-of-this-world products like double beds,
showers or even apartments in the sky.”
You might expect that some of the perks of business- or first-class
travel would kick in on the ground – in the pre-boarding lounge.
For the most part, you’d be mistaken. The lounges, both in first
class and business, vary from country to country. “ The best
lounges are in Asia, followed by Europe and Australia,” Schalppig
said. “Some first-class lounges in the U.S. are getting better,
especially the ones operated by foreign airlines. For example,
there’s a fantastic Qantas first-class lounge at LAX.”
Lufthansa in Frankfurt offers an exclusive lounge for first-class
passengers, who can skip the main terminal for their own terminal.
Those passengers are then driven to their plane in a Porsche or
Mercedes. In contrast, business-class lounges simply provide a quiet
space to work and relax, with fast Wi-Fi, comfortable chairs and
snacks, but no other extras.
Business- and first-class services offer a range of improvements and
luxuries to help you get a good night’s sleep and privacy. The best
source of information on the configurations for any flight you are
considering is . To decide between business and first
class, consider the following before you buy your ticket: Will your
seat turn into a bed? What’s the configuration of the cabin?
How close will you be to other passengers? Will you have a double
bed, your own “apartment,” or a seat and a bed combined?
Airline pilot and Ask the Pilot blogger Patrick Smith said many
carriers outfit their planes according to market demand. “An
airline may have three or four different configurations in its 777 or
A330 fleets, with specific planes dedicated to specific markets,” he
said. “Take Emirates as an example. First class on Emirates
doesn’t differ much from plane to plane. Business class does.”
This is one of the two categories where business class and first class
differ the most. “Business-class food is restaurant quality, but
dining in business class is rarely an experience,” Schlappig said.
In first class, customers often have food prepared under the auspices
of a famous chef. For example, Air France – rated No.1 for in-
flight food by the Robb Report – offers menus designed by
Michelin-starred chefs.
When it comes to a before-dinner drink, Singapore Airlines,
according to the UK-based Telegraph website, is “the only airline
to offer both Krug Grande Cuvée and Dom Perignon 2004 – with
caviar. And that’s before takeoff.” Business class on Emirates,
Korean Air, Qatar Airways and Virgin Atlantic have onboard bars
where you can chat with your fellow passengers.
The major differences between first class and business class are the
seats and the service, but differences vary among airlines, routes
and airplane models . Still, first-class amenities generally supersede
business class amenities on international flights, but research
enough to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for.

Infinix Specifications

Specifications and Price
Display Type IPS LCD
Size 6.27 inches with Notch
Resolution 1560x720pixels (19.5:9 ratio)
Platform Operating
PRO – 3GB Android 8.1 Oreo
with XOS Honeybee
v4.1Normal – 2GB Android
8.1 Oreo with XOS
Android GO Edition with 1GB
RAM, Android 8.1
Chip MT65080P 32nm Quad-Core
GPU Mali-400MP2
Memory RAM
PRO – 3GBNormal – 2GB
AndroidGo – 1GB
PRO – 32GBNormal – 32GB
AndroidGo – 16GB
Network SIM Dual SIM Support
*Only Pro supports 4G
networks.Normal – 3G
Android Go – 3G
Cameras Main
Pro and Normal – 13MP
+2MP Dual CamerasAndroid
Go – 13MP single camera
Front Both – 8MP
Battery Size 4000mah
Colours Sky Blue, Champagne Gold, Milan Black,
and Purple
Features Removable Back Cover, Rear Fingerprint
Scanner, Face Unlock, Dirac Audio
Ksh. 9,999 – Android GoKsh. 10,999 – 2GB
Normal (Buy from Jumia )
Expected Mid April (Estimated Ksh. 12,999)
– Pro

Business Ideas With Low Investment (Ulitimate Guide)

In this article I will outline and explain business ideas with low investment, you can start these business immediately with little investment and make huge amount of money in return on your investment.

Many people dream of setting up business today and become multimillionaire business immediately, these type of people spend the entire life dreaming of big business which they can’t afford to start because they don’t have main capital needed, if you are like this type of people change your mindset from now because those bug companies and big businesses start from small before they grow big you can do some research to confirm the fact that they start small, for example when we are talking about big and successful companies or multimillionaire businesses in Nigeria and West Africa, I know before we count three companies we will mention Dangote Groups Of Company which the founder of this company (Aliko Dangote) is the richest man in Africa today, Did you know that Aliko Dangote borrow just $3000 from his Uncle to start his business when he was at the age of 21. Can you imagine just $3000 how much is the net worth of Aliko Dangote now he worth $10.3 Billion, So this is good example of starting small and grow big, you can’t setup a multimillionaire business overnight, you need to start small because there is a lot of advantages in starting small business.

Advantages Of Starting Small Scale Business

Little Capital Needed

Little Experience

Little Or No Worker Needed

Pay less Tax

Now let go straight to the point business ideas with low investment


1. Soap Production

Soap is one of the best important thing in every human life, no body can do without using soap, soap is a daily use for everybody, you can start soap making any type of soap it can be solid or liquid soap, bathing soap, washing soap, and other types of soaps, the most interesting thing in soap making is that you can learn it with few weeks, so if you don’t have any experience in soap production you can learn it in few weeks and start producing it immediately, you can start soap production with the minimum amount of N50,000 to N100,000. Soap production is one of the best business ideas in Nigeria because it is daily use.

2. Blogging

Blogging is also on my list of best small Investment business ideas, blogging is act of creating web content for the purpose of education and entertainment, it can be any inche. Alot of people have became a millionaire just because they are bloggers for example Linda Ikeji of Linda Ikeji’s blog, and others who make huge amount of money in blogging in Nigeria, and other countries of the world, you can learn how how start blog and be successful within short period of time, you don’t need huge amount of money to start blogging, all you need is Laptop, or SmartPhone with internet connection, and web hosting.

You can start blogging with just N30,000 Laptop and internet connection charges excluded.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to blogging because it is internet business which you don’t need to move from one place to another, or carry file from one office to the other, all you need is a laptop or tablet to get started, in affiliate marketing you don’t need to have any amount of money to get started because you are not selling products but advertising others people products and get paid a certain amount of money when you have a sales.

4. Mobile Phone Sales

Mobile phone is one of the most important things Nigerians don’t joke with, most Nigerians can’t do without phone in a day. You can take advantage of this to start phone sales business, this business is very profitable especially if you know how to import it from abroad.

5. Mobile Phone Repair

Currently in Nigeria everybody use phone, as an electronic device it usually get one or two problem especially after the warranty date has expired, it can be screen problem, or panel, mouth piece and other kind of phone problems. You can learn phone engineering within few months and become expert in phone repairing, in phone repair business you don’t need any capital to start, all you need is your tools, this business is very profitable because many phone develop problem easily.

6. Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phone accessories is one of the hottest small scale business in town, this business is in high demand because phone companies are increasing everyday, also new gadget are also lunch, you can invest little money in phone accessories such as battery, charger, screen guide, earphone, and make huge amount of money in return for your investment.

7. Car Wash

Most Nigerians can’t wash their due to one reason or the other, you can take the advantages of this to start car wash business Car wash is one of the most profitable small scale business because what you need to start car wash business is good location, where many people can know what you are doing, large is recommended.

8. Security Services Business (CCTV And Surveillance)

Currently in Nigeria security is one of the challenges we have as a citizen, most people are now going for their personal security so that they can be safe. You can learn how to install CCTV and other technology devices related to security, the business of CCTV camera Installation is very profitable because only the first rich people do it and they are ready to pay any amount of money so that they can be safe.

9. Car Spare Part

You can invest little money in car spare part business and make huge amount of money in return in your investment, those who are in spare part industry are make millions in this business every month, many people don’t know the secret behind this business this make, the business less competitive. When you are thinking of small scale business in Nigeria, then think about car spare part business, the most interesting thing in this business is that you can start with just N200,000.

10. Computer Training

Currently all Nigerians want to know how to operate a computer, do one or two things one it because we are moving from analog age to digital age. You can start computer training with just a shop and grow big from there if you know how the business works.

11. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one the highest demand job online because many companies either big or small want to advertise their services or good online, but most people can’t do this online marketing well, so that look for well train digital marketer that can advertise their business in the right way in which will be profitable for the company and bring customers to them as we’ll.

12. Website Designer

You can learn website design within few months, and become well train and payed website designer. Thousands of website are built everyday for different purposes, for example school church, mosque, big companies all need a website for one or two reasons. The most interesting thing in website design is that you don’t need any money to start all you need is your brain.

13. Restaurant

Restaurant is one of the best way to make quick money with low Investment in Nigeria, because most people can’t do without eating in restaurant in a day due to their job or other reasons, you can start restaurant business with just N50,000 and make upto N200,000 in few months. So of you are thinking of business with low Investment then think about restaurant business.

14. Beer Parlour

Beer parlour is one of the evergreen business in Nigeria, this business because it is profitable and also Nigerians love drinking beer some prefer beer than food, if you can Invest little in beer parlour business you will make upto 100% in few months and make huge amount of money.

15. Online Course

You can create an online course for people to buy, it must be informative and educative as well, you can solve others people’s problem in a course and then sell it for them.

16. Snack Production

You can decide to start producing snacks like chips Chun and others, this business is very lucrative especially if you have a targeted location for you business.

17. Fruit Sales

Fruit is very important for human being, even the doctor recommended it, most Nigerians can’t do without eating fruit in a day, you take the advantages of this to make huge amount of money for yourself.

18. Akara Sales

This business is very profitable buy most think is a dirty business, you can make up 200% ROI in akara business especially if you have good targeted areas.

19. Mechanical Services

Mechanical Service is always needed for everyone who has a car, you learn this work from expect in the industry and become one of the best in the field.

20. Driver

Driver is also one of the hottest job in Nigeria especially in Lagos, if you are good in driving you can make this a business.

21. Cleaning Service

You can engage in cleaning business like cleaning office, school, event center and other places for money.

22. Sport House Business

Nigeria is one the countries that love football, you can invest in building sport house for those who want to watch, this business is very lucrative especially during the world cup.

23. Online Betting Agent

There are different online betting companies in Nigeria, you can work as their agent by opening a shop for the bet, and then people will start coming to play from you, then they play with you then you get paid a commission.

24. Recharge Card Sales

This is very profitable business because everyone use phone and a phone is useless without recharge card, you can be selling recharge card a wholesaler or a retainer.

25. Meat Sales

Those meat sellers are making huge amount of money from meat business, you can also do the same thing, especially if you have enough money to run the business well.

26. Okada Riding

Motorcycle popularly known as (Okada)

27. Catfish Sales

28. Catfish Production

29. Transportation Business

30. Tricycle Sales

31. Tricycle Repair

32. Tricycle Spare Parts Sales

33. Money Withdraw Joint

34. Clothes Sales

35. Watermelon Farming

36. Cucumber Farming

37. House Painting

38. Photographer

39. Car Painting

40. Electronic Repair

41. Vulcanizing Service

42. Snail Farming

43. Cassava Farming

44. Maize Farming

45. Forex Trading

46. Used Shoe Business

47. Used Clothes Business

48. Graphics Designer

49. Event Planning

50. Tailor

51. Fashion Designer

52. Baby Sitting

53. Pet Care Business

54. Refrigerator Repair

55. Real Estate Agent

56. Food Sales

57. Frozen Food Sales

58. Gas Refilling Service

59. Online Copy Writing

60 Online Content Writing

If you know how to write, then you can start making money from your talent, all you need to do is to sign up as a writer on different freelance website like.




61. Social Media Marketing

Everyone is now on social media, this make some companies to start running advertisement on social media to get more customers, but these companies can’t do the advertisement alone because they don’t know how it works, all you have to do in this business is to help companies or an individual to run advert on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

62. Make Up Business

Nigerian women can’t do without make up, especially when going to an event at the weekend, you can set up a makeup artist shop in human traffic area even closer to an event center.

63. Building Materials Sales

Thousands of house is been built in a month in Nigeria, this house are built it materials like block, plank, cement and other things, you can take the advantages of this to start selling building materials.

64. Cooking Utensils Sales

You can invest little money in cooking utensils and make huge amount of money in return because this business is in high demand in Nigeria currently.

65. Newspapers Sales

Newspaper is one of the best consuming goods by Nigerians everyday, this business is also profitable just like other business in Nigeria.

66. Book Sales

This business is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria because everyone use book everyday. Especially the students and teachers.

67. Pineapple Production

Pineapple is one of the most popular fruit in Nigeria, and also one of Nigerians best fruit, you can start pineapple production with just N100,000.

68. Cocoa Export

Cocoa is Nigeria main resources and also source of wealth before they discovered petroleum and other mineral resources in Nigeria, currently Cocoa is still one of the most valuable products in Nigeria, if you can export cocoa powder or seed from Nigeria to other countries it is huge money.

69. Bread Production

Bread is the most consume food in Nigeria both the poor and the rich eat bread especially for breakfast, you can start bread production with little capital and grow big within short period of time.

70. Hand Bag Production

Women can’t do without handbag especially the young ones, you can learn how to make good and quality handbag in Nigeria, and you will start making easy money immediately, this business is small scale business, you don’t need huge amount of money before you start.

73.Mini Exportation

Yes mini exportation not full exportation but mini you can export items like Garri, Garlic, Fish, Local rice and other items in small quantity and make huge amount of money immediately even before you export it from Nigeria, this business is small scale business you can even start with just N30,000.

74. Mini Importation

There are many people that make huge amount of money from mini importation, there are some foreign websites that you can buy goods and imp1ort it to Nigeria, you can import items like bag, phone, laptop, dress, make up items and products in very cheap price and sell it in higher price. You can import any items to Nigeria.

75. Rice Sales

You can invest little money in rice selling business, this business is very profitable because most Nigerians eat rice.

These are the list of low Investment business you can start in Nigeria, with any amount of money.

List Of Hottest Product You Can Export From Nigeria In 2019 (Complete Guide)

Did you know that importing and exporting is a profitable business in Nigeria since the the 70’s.

Did you know that the Richest man in Africa started his business as an importer and exporter at the age of 21, with just$3000 which he borrowed from his Uncle and he refund the money within 3 months.

So if you are thinking of profitable business in Nigeria then you need to think about importing and exporting, there are many advantages in Importing and exporting.

Advantages Of Importing And Exporting In Nigeria

1. Quick Profit

In Importing and exporting business, you get back your capital within short period of time, because it to import and sell your products directly, and if it is exporting, you can even get part of your money because exporting. If you are thinking of quick get paid business in Nigeria, then it is importing and exporting.

2. Huge Profit

Importing and Exporting is one of the highest paid business in Nigeria, in the olden days and still profitable currently, if you invest in importing and exporting business is the only business that can turn you to millionaire with short period of time with little investment, if you understand how it works.

These are little advantages of Importing and Exporting in Nigeria.

Now today, I will like to discuss on the best and hottest Products you can Export From Nigeria.

List Of Hottest Product To Export From Nigeria

1. Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel Oil Is the oil extracted from the pulp of Palm fruit, this oil is different from Palm oil, palm kernel oil is used to manufacturing of different things, like body cream, pharmaceutical products and other industrial uses. This oil is very useful in countries like Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom and other, if you export this product you will make huge amount of money quickly.

2. Yam

Yam is one of the best and most popular food across the world, you are make huge amount of money by exporting yam to other countries from Nigeria, all you need to do is to search for quality yam because when it comes to exporting products from Nigeria, quality is very important.

3. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is the source of chocolate of any types, the cocoa is also use in production of many body cream, health care, and other skin care products.

Cocoa butter is on high demand in many countries, If you have the opportunity to export cocoa butter from Nigeria to countries like United States of America or United kingdom, they will buy it in high price immediately.

4. Honey

Honey is one of the profitable products you can export from Nigeria for huge amount of money, currently a kilogram of honey costs over $200 in international market. Honey is is one of the products that can fetch you dollars in the foreign market.

5. Charcoal

You can also make huge amount of money by exporting charcoal from Nigeria to other countries, you can get up to 60% ROI Profit on this product when you export from Nigeria.

6. Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts is one of the most profitable products to export from Nigeria, good quality cashew nuts are exported to Vietnam, India and other countries, they processed the cashew nuts into kernel which they also export it to other countries.

7. Garlic

Garlic can also be exported for money in Nigeria, Garlic is one of the most valuable cash crop across the globe. Garlic is very profitable in international market, good quality of garlic is equal to huge foreign currency.

8. Sesame Seed

Sesame seed is found in State like Jigawa and Benue State in Nigeria, this product is very profitable just like honey and cocoa butter when it comes to exportation. Nigeria is one of the largest producer of sesame seed globally.

9. Gallstone

Gallstone is very profitable when it comes to exportation, you can invest little in exportation of this product and make huge amount of money in return.

Gallstone is very valuable for foreign pharmaceuticals because it is used for medical production, if you have the opportunity to get quality gallstone then to export it for money is not a problem because there are some foreign companies that are ready to buy it.

10. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best products to export from Nigeria, because it is profitable and also the demand is so high. Ginger is value by many international traders, you can start exporting large quality ginger from Nigeria to others countries like UK, US, or Canada.

11. Textile

You can export some Africa garments into different Africa countries and non African countries for money, you can export Aso Oke, Kampala, and other traditional garments, this product are valuable in other countries just like Nigerians do.

12. Rubber

Nigeria is one of the largest producer of rubber in Africa, A cubit meter of high quality rubber is up to $500 – $700 currently, so if you have the opportunity to export rubber from Nigeria it is very profitable business.

13. Shrimp

If you have the opportunity to export shrimp to countries like Spin, Portugal, France, USA or Belgium, then you are rich because they are ready to buy it in any price you tag it because it is very valuable in these countries.

14. Snail

Snail is one of the product that is not valuable in Nigeria, but not in other countries, if you export quality snail from Nigeria to other countries like United kingdom it is huge amount of money, the most interesting thing is that you can start rearing snail with little capital and then export it after few months.

15. Poultry

Did you know that you can export all domestic birds, eggs and meat from Nigeria to other countries and make huge amount of money in return, yes it is possible, alot of people are doing it everyday you can also do the same thing as well. I know that is very simple and easy to start poultry farming in Nigeria, so you can decide to produce your own poultry birds, eggs or meet so that you will meet the quality standard.

16. Local Rice

You can export local rice from Nigeria, especially for Nigerians that live in abroad. You can export local rice to countries like United States of America or United kingdom because many Nigerians lives there, many people prefer local rice than the normal rice.

17. Chill Pepper

You can also export chili pepper for the exchange of dollar. Nigeria is a that have good weather for pepper growing many countries don’t have the weather to grow pepper, you can take the advantages of this to make huge amount of money.

18. Cassava Flour

Cassava flour is one of the most useless food in Nigeria, but it is not the same in other countries, in other countries where Nigerians live they Cassava flour is very valuable there, you can invest little money in cassava flour exportation and make huge amount of money in return.

19. Cotton

Cotton is also one the of the hottest products to export from Nigeria for huge cash. Nigeria is one of the largest producer of cotton in Africa, you can export Cotton from Nigeria to other countries for huge amount of money.

20. Groundnut

Groundnut is also one the list of the hottest items to export from Nigeria, you can invest little money in exportation of groundnut to other countries and make huge amount of money in return.

When it comes to exportation, quality is very important, the products that you want to export from Nigeria to another country must have good quality which is able to meet international standard, if you product is not quality then no body will buy it from you. Make sure you export good quality product.

These are the hottest and profitable items you can export from Nigeria, these products are allowed by the Nigerian Government and also allow in all countries of the world.

If you have any questions you are free to ask at the comment section.

How To Start Sheep And Ram Farming Business In Nigeria 2019 (Ulitimate Guide)

Did you want to start Sheep farming business in Nigeria?, If yes you are lucky to get this article because I this post I will guide you on how to start profitable sheep farming in Nigeria.

The Ram is the male, while

The Ewe is female

Sheep farming is one of the hottest and high paying agro business in Nigeria, currently in Nigeria, thousands of sheep are consume in Nigeria everyday. This make sheep farming to be on high demand and also profitable, there are few people that know the secret in Sheep farming in Nigeria, this make the business to be low competition.

Sheep farming is very lucrative agro business in Nigeria that you can with little or high capital and make huge profit in return. When it comes to investing in agro business Sheep and Ram farming is one of the best place to invest in because it not just profitable but have low risk rate.

Sheep and Ram production in Nigeria is an avenue of money making, so let go straight to the point.

How to Start Ram and Sheep Rearing Business In Nigeria

Now these are the things you need to take in to considering before you start investing your money in Ram and Sheep Rearing business In Nigeria.

Type Of Ram and Sheep Breeds

You must have little knowledge on the performance of the ram breed in Nigeria. This is very important in your ram and sheep farming business because you will know the nature of each breed, there some ram breed that is likely to grow up quickly based on the region, climate, weather and others, also know how to take good care of them based on their nature, there are some common breed in Nigeria.

We have different ram breed in Nigeria such as.


This type of ram breed has very long legs and large in size, the color of this particular breed is black and white or white or brown.

West African Dwarf

This sheep breed is totally different from other bread, you can find the particular breed in Kwara, Kogi, Benue, and Plateau.

The Yankasa

The yankasa breed is most common breed because it is cross breed between Uba and Balami but little smaller than them. Yankasa has little black colour around their eyes, legs and others.

The Balami

This type of sheep is the largest, the colour of Balami is pure white with long sagging ears, this type of bread is common in Maiduguri.

Sheep Breeding

Before you started invest in ram and sheep farming, you must have good knowledge and understand on sheep breeding. All of the type of sheep breeds mentioned above take between 5 – 6 month to attain full maturity.

But it is very important that you rear your ram for six months to a year before you start thinking of selling, if you can rear these animals for a year it will have more benefit for you because they will be accumulate more body mass.

Why You Should Invest In Ram and Sheep Rearing Business In Nigeria

There are many advantages in ram and sheep farming business in Nigeria.

1. Disease Resistant

In Ram and Sheep rearing you will spend little money on medication, if you build your farm house in an healthy environment, then you don’t need to worry about disease outbreak on your farm animals.

2. Profitable

Sheep are sold at an average of N50,000 to N100,000 each if you sold in some town like Bauchi, Yola, and Sokoto, the price will be more higher with it comes to Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, where this animals are scary and at the same time the demand is so high. This is huge profit if you invest little money on this business.

In Ram and Sheep Rearing Business you can invest any amount, you can start with 10, 50, 100,200, animals depends on your pocket and choose.

How to Start Ram and Sheep farming Business In Nigeria

1. Business Plan

The first thing you must do before you start any business is to have a good and accurate business plan, business plan is very important in every business, the business plan will help you to in starting, production, advertising, marketing, and other things you need to do in your business.

Before you start your Ram and Sheep farming business you need to write good business plan, this business plan will stand as a guide in your business, this plan will lead you in every of your activities in your business and you must obey the plan because if you fail to follow the rules and regulations written then you are likely to fail in the business.

2. Capital

After writing good business plan, what next in action is the capital needed to start the business, look for the actual amount needed to kick off the business.

3. Good Breeding Location

After you have write a good and accurate business plan, likewise the money needed to start the business is ready what next is to start direct the first thing you need to do is the right location for your ram and sheep farming, when you are choosing the location make sure you do the health of the animals in to consideration and also make sure that the location is accessible to customers. The environment must be clean and you must good water near you.

4. Housing

When location is ready what next is to start building your farm house, when you are buying your farm house make sure that the animals are safe and protected from rain, sun and other harmful substance and predators that can affect negatively.

It is important that you create an environment that will allow your ram and sheep to come out for graze in the morning and also exercise themselves.

5. Buying The Sheep

Now that your farm house is ready what is next in action is the ram and sheep you need to buy the animals, when it comes to buying of animals, make sure you buy a particular breed of sheep that you want to rear in your farm house from the northern states through middleman, it is important that that you buy from a middleman because they know more about the business more than you that just want to start before you give your money to anyone make sure you know him or her well, make sure you know his/her house address, and other things. Don’t send your money to anyone online, you can also buy it by yourself if you have little idea about it.

6. Feeding

Ram feed on fresh grass and they also eat other things like maize, soyabeans, and other things, they’re also fed chaff, of maize especially, it is very satisfying to the sheep from time to time.

They drink alot of water make sure their water is clean to avoid disease for the animals, they eat upto 1.5kg of food everyday, don’t let them go hungry, make sure you provide good food for them,

7. Treatment

If you noticed that things is not well with your animal make sure you call specialist doctor to check them even when they are doing fine. Use their drug for them when it is necessary.

8. Marketing Of A Ram And Sheep

When it comes to marketing of your Ram and sheep make sure you carry your products from any state you are in Nigeria, to state like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt in the mentioned area the ram and sheep are so expensive, in this state you will sell it in higher price that to sell it any other states I’m Nigeria.

During El-ul-kabir festival, the price of a ram goes up to 50 – 70% high that normal price because of of the festival.


How To Start Pineapple Farming In Nigeria (Full Guide) For 2019.

Are you interested in pineapple farming in Nigeria, or you are already in the business but you want to make more profit. If you are one of these people above then this article is for you.

Pineapple is very lucrative crop to grow because it is used for production of juice and also for domestic use, pineapple contains huge vitamins which is good for the body system.

If you are thinking of the most profitable farming I in Nigeria then you should think of pineapple farming because it is very profitable easy to manage.

Pineapple is one of the most popular fruit in Nigeria, the Hausas, Igbos, and Yorubas all consume either pineapple or pineapple juice, this make pineapple to be on high demand in Nigeria, thousands of pineapple are consume in each state in Nigeria.

Pineapple is global fruit because it has good nutritions and vitamins.

So without wasting of time let go straight to the point.

Did you know that one pineapple is sold for N200 in local market, when it goes for N400 in the fruit shops. Each pineapple is so around N80N150 from the wholesalers. Now let me draw a picture of your profit this business, assume you harvest up to 300,000 pineapples and sell each for just N50 at wholesalers price, you will make upto N30 million on your harvest. So let remove N10 million as a cost for production, labour, and transportation, you still have N20 million as your profile with just harvest, also a pineapple tree can be giving you fruit for aleast 10 years if is properly manage. This is how the business works, not everybody know that pineapple production is multimillionaire business, only few investors in pineapple production knows and they make millions every month in the business.

These are the profit that you will have full access to if you start pineapple farming business in Nigeria, let go ahead to the process and how to start profitable pineapple farming in Nigeria.


1. Good Location

This is the most important aspect in farming business especially in pineapple farming, you must locate a good land with quality soil nutrients, you can take the soil of the land for testing especially if you want to grow large amount of pineapple on the land. Also make sure that you have good water around you, water is important in farming.

2. Clear The Farmland

After you choose good land and have access to good water, what next is to start operating by clearing the land prepare the land by ploughing, make sure you have a raised bed for the plantation, this is very important because the raised bed will help your pineapple to germinate quickly.

As you are preparing for the land, also prepare for insects make use of trusted insects attackers.

3. Select Specie

There are different species of pineapple, choose the species of your choice, this species is totally different from each other, there are changes in

° Mature Period

° Germination Process

° Tree Size and others

Some of the most desirable species suitable for commercial pineapple farming are: The Smooth (or Smooth Leaf Cayenne) pineapple; Pure Gold pineapple specie (newly developed); The Gold Crown. Get the pineapple that you will plant. Its always good to know there are two basic ways to go about pineapple planting, you can either plant the sucker or the crown. What this means is that pineapple sucker is not the same as the crown.


Pineapples are planted in double row spacing at 60cm between the rows, 30cm between plants and about 120cm between adjacent double rows.
Ridging should be preferably done after planting the propagules 7cm to 10cm deep on a levelled ground.
Nutritional requirement: Nitrogen fertiliser could be applied at the rate of 50 kg per hectare by broadcasting one month after planting.
41kg to 670kg per hectare should be applied at three to six months interval before maturity.

4. Development

Now that you have choose good land and have good water, you have also choose your desire speice what next is to start planting.

After planting what is next in action is to maintain the pineapple farm by clearing the weed, apply fertilizer (if needed) apply water (if needed). Check if your pineapple is attacked by pet or insects if you see any make sure you use the right pet or insects killer.

You must do all these above till you pineapple is mature and ready for harvest, after harvest what next is sale.

5. Harvesting

Pineapple fruit is it best to cut from the pineapple tree.
Pineapple is mature at Within 15 – 24 months depends on the planting material used in the beginning,

• Weeds need to be effectively managed.
• At least two ratoon crops can be grown from the mother crop.
• Only one sucker should remain as the basis of the ratoon crop.

6. Sales

Now you have do the necessary things from

Site location

Soil testing

Land cleaning

Plant Bed Making

Fertilizer Process



And Harvesting.

What next is the sales of your pineapple, you can decide to sell it in wholesalers price or Retailers depends on the type of pineapple farm you make , if you cultivate it in small scale then the best option for you is to sell your products at retailers price, but if you cultivate in large scale/quantity then wholesalers price is for you.

Before you started make sales make sure you do marketing research on pineapple, this will help you to know the assure price in the market and know how to sell your own.

A sucker of pineapple goes for N20, N30 and (N40 for the treated ones). It is advised to go for the treated ones because it has greater survival rate than the untreated.
Now, let’s calculate for small scale pineapple farmers – For a sizable land, assuming you buy 5,000 suckers which is 40×5000 = N200,000 add the cost of labor, herbicides, transportation, fertilizer and the rent of the land if its not your own and every thing amounting to about N300,000.
Presently, one pineapple goes between N100 to N150 if you are selling in bulk but, put yours at N120 per pineapple and multiply that by 4,500 since not all may likely survive, that gives you N240,000 pure profit in a single harvest and now think of what that would mean for the next ten years or more that the pineapples will be producing.


Pineapples could be grown from either the top (crown), sucker or by their slip (tiny plantlets at the bottom of the fruit).
Suckers are little plantlets that grow between the leaves of the mature pineapple.
Pineapple plants rely mostly on their leaves for water and nutrition, as such could be planted in a nursery and transplanted to the main field when they are about a foot tall so that you have rows of similar sized pineapples.
Planting should be done at the onset of rainy season or at any time in irrigated areas.

Most Profitable Small Scale Business For Women In Lagos

In this article I will share with you the most lucrative business ideas for women, sit at home mom,or work at home moms.

Are you one of those people mention above then you need to use this article to build your financial empire. You can also share this information to anyone that is in need of this article so you can help them to create source of wealth.

Currently in Lagos the days where woman is spent all of this day cleaning and taking care of the house, and the children why the man is the only one to work for money to feed the family is over. Although Women still cook and take good care of the family but currently there are less full housewife, that is to say women are now going out to work so that they can support their husband because of the poor economy of Nigeria, not because of the economy of the country some women want to work and make their own money.

So in this article I will share the most lucrative business idea for women, full housewife and sit at home mom.

Most Profitable Business Ideas for Women and Full Housewife

1. Catering

Most women love cooking, so if you are one of those women that love cooking then you can make huge amount of money from your passion, you can start catering from small scale, medium or big, it depends on how you want to start but it is advisable to start small so that you will learn gradually.

In Catering Business, all you have to do is to buy all cooking utensils and then asking or running an advertisement for catering from there you will start getting customers.

You must be neat in your catering business, and also treat your customer well don’t be bad to them because they are the pillar of your business.

2. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the ways many people ear huge amount of money online by writing. This is one of the fastest way of making side income for full housewife because you don’t need to move from one place to another. All you need is a Laptop or a Tablet, and internet connection.

If you have passion for writing then this is the best option for you because it so easy to start.

There are so website that allow you to earn huge amount of money by working as freelance writer.

Examples are


Up work



3. Event Planning

You are good in organising thing related to party then you can start event planning business, from this business you make a lot of money from what you know how to do.

Event planning require connection, you need to connect with people so that you will be given a contract.

The service of an event planner is in high demand in Nigeria, because some people can’t plan their event very well but they want it to go smoothly so that hire an event planner.

4. Kids Store

You can open a kid store where you will be selling anything related to kids used items, it can be toys, clothes, shoes, bags, belt.

This business is very profitable especially if you open this shop in human traffic area.

5. Day Care

Day care is very profitable business especially for full housewife because you stay at home, although you have been taking good care of your children so to take care of others people children should not be a problem, In the process of taking care of others people children you will also make good amount of money from it.

This business is not for every full housewife because not everybody can handle numerous number of baby especially if they are crying at the same time, if you can handle such thing then day care business is good for you, go ahead and start immediately.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of selling others people product or goods and get commission in return after you have make sales. This business is very lucrative because you don’t have to buy any product or save huge amount of money to start.

Affiliate marketing has help a lot of full housewife to make huge amount of money without stress, you too can do the same thing.


Commission junction

Jumia Affiliate

Konga Affiliate

These are websites that allow you to work as an affiliate marketer with them.

7. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best lucrative business idea for women especially full housewife because you don’t need to move from your house, because you will only work online not offline.

In blogging you must have the skill before you go into it if you don’t have any blogging skills then learn it in few months you will know it all.

In blogging you must focus on one inch either, news, business, sport, health, culture, history, entertainment and so on

You can start blogging from



I recommend these blogging platform above because they good customer reviews that others.

8. Vlogging

Vlogging is similar to blogging the difference between them is is vlogging deal with video, while blogging deal with writing.

Vlogging is also known as video blogging

In vlogging you will need stay at the front of a camera.

To start vlogging you will need to create a YouTube channel and started creating amazing videos, in vlogging you need to focus on one inch it can be sport, health, business, news.

9. Fashion Designing

Fashion design is one of the best business ideas for women especially full housewife, because you can easily start this business from your house, and later get a shop when you have grow bigger.

Most Nigerians love to put on well design cloth especially the young ladies.

The service of a fashion designer is very high demand in Nigeria.

So if you have what if takes to be a fashion designer then it a best business opportunity for you.

10. Agriculture

Currently in Nigeria so many people can’t go to farm and plant crop, they are giving unnecessary excuse but the hidden fact is that agriculture is very profitable.

Agriculture is the production of food, tell who don’t need food?.

Everybody depends on food to live so why can’t you go into farming.

There are different types of Farming

• Cassava farming

• Maize farming

• Vegetable farming

• Potato farming

11. Importation

You can start importing small goods like phones, laptops, bags, shoes, and so many others goods and sell it in higher price in Nigeria.

This business is very profitable because these goods you are about to import are very cheap, and also easy to start because you don’t need huge amount of money to start.

Visit Click Here Alibaba to order for goods in cheap price.

12. Exportation

Exportation business is very lucrative because the there are some valuable goods in Nigeria that others countries don’t have.

Goods like Palm Oil, Charcoal, Local Rice, Yam, Honey, Garlic and so many other things.

13. Online Teaching

If you are good in one topic or two, you can make money with it by creating tutorial video or post on these courses, then sell it to those who need it by doing this you will make a lot of money.

14. EBook Sales

EBook sales is a huge money making business because the money is unlimited as a long as the eBook is still work fine.

I said the money is unlimited because if you can sell just one eBook to 1000 people and still the eBook is they there for others people to buy. EBook sales is one of the best business idea for women and full housewife.

15. Rental Services

Rental service is the act of renting a chair and canopy for an event, and then pay you an agree amount of money.

This business is very profitable because is renting if you make money from the chair and canopy today you will also make money on the same items tomorrow.

Rental services business is one of the best business idea for full house .

16. Ice Block Production

Ice block production is very profitable business because the demand for ice block is very high in Nigeria currently,

This business is very good for full housewife because you can easily make the ice book in you read house, and also you need little capital to start.

17. Book Production

Book is very very important in today’s Nigeria where a students, teachers, bankers, marketers, doctors, uses book everyday to Carry out there works well.

This business is very profitable for full housewife because you can produce everything in you read house.

18. Chalk production

Chalk Production is the act of producing chalk for teacher and others people carry out there work.

This business is in high demand because school especially private school keep increasing in Nigeria.

Chalk production business is very good business idea for stay home mom.

To start chalk production business you need little capital to start.

19. Poultry

You can start small poultry in the where live especially in your compound, poultry isa very good business idea for women I n Nigeria currently.

You need don’t huge amount of money to start this business because you can start with little capital.

20. Catfish Rearing

Catfish is very popular fish in Nigeria, most people can’t do without eating catfish in a day, especially those who operate beer parlor, they use it to do pepper soup, they usually call it, catfish pepper soup.

21. Hair Salon

All over the world, it is known that female hair add more beauty to their appearance, this make all women both young and old want to want to have good hair style, some even change their hair weekly, while some this monthly. You can take the advantages of these to start you own hair salon business

Hair salon is very profitable business for stay at home mom because you can easily start in your house and your neighbor will be your first customer.

Hair Salon is one of the most profitable business for women especially stay at home mom.

22. Cake Making

Cake is very important in every event in Nigeria currently, and the event planner go extra mile to get good cake for the event.

You can take the advantages of these to start your own cake production, the most interesting thing about this business is that you don’t need huge amount of money to start or learn.

Cake making business is very profitable and also easy to learn and start earning immediately.

Cake making business is suitable for women especially those full housewife.

23. Nail Studio

If you are sit at home mom, then nail Studio is the best business ideas for you,

Before you can start this business, you need to learn how to beautify nails, fixed artificial nails, paint nails, and so on.

This business is also great business idea for working class women, if you are working class women you can also invest little capital on this business, and then employ expert to help you attend to customers.

24. Make Up Business

It now longer a news that women spend a lot of money on make up just to look beautiful, this make the business the demand for make up artist go higher every day.

You can take the advantages of these and start make up business.

Make up business is very profitable business for women especially stay at home moms. You need little capital to start this business.

25. Hat Making

Hat making business is very lucrative because the demand is so high, every body want to it, especially Christians they love to wear it to church.

Hat making is very good business idea for stay at home moms, because you can make it in your house, you don’t need a shop.

26. Cooking Training

You can organize a cooking Training for women like you, especially if you are gifted in cooking, then it good business idea for business you.

Teach people how to cook and then you will pay for it. You can explain how to cook for people through video, or written.

27. Purses and handbags Making

You can learn purses and handbags Making with short period of time and become expert in it , and then start making good amount of money for it, simple as that.

The most interesting thing about this business is not just about little capital to needed to start but you will get back your investment within short period of time.

Purses and handbags Making is best business ideas for women especially stay at home moms.

28. Snail Farming

Agricultural is most profitable business in Nigeria currently, this is a hidden fact that some many people don’t know.

Snail farming is one of best business ideas for women in Nigeria.

Snail farming business is very lucrative because the demand is very high, also in this business you have less competitor, the few investors in this business are making millions very month, you can also do the same thing.

29. Insecticide Manufacturing

Insecticide Manufacturing is one of the old business in Nigeria, but still generate a lot of money for investors because insect is still in Nigeria,

Insecticide is widely used in Nigeria and other African countries, if you can take the advantages of these and invest in this business like others you too till make huge amount of money.

This business is very lucrative especially for stay at home moms and also working class women.

30. Jewelry Business

Every women love jewelry especially the young ones, even some men love to put on chain, earrings and others.

This business is good for working class women because it will not take your time, and it also the best for stay at home moms.

You can invest your little money on jewelry buy and selling.

You will make a lot of money from this business, especially if you know how to order it online and ship to Nigeria.

Now you have it, I mean the 50 tested and lucrative and profitable business ideas for women and stay at home moms, even if you are working class women you can still invest and make huge amount of money in these business ideas listed above.


Every business in sacrifice you need to pay the price by doing the right thing at the right time.

Before you go into any business, you need to have good and accurate plan for your business so that you will not fail in the business, busines plan is very important.

Advertisement is the key of success of every busines, you need to advertise your business so that people will know what are a selling.

Customer is also important, make sure you satisfied your customers no matter how hard it is make sure you treat them with respect.

These are the list of the most profitable and lucrative business idea for women in Lagos and other States In Nigeria.

The Insurance Times Top 50 Insurers

Here is Top 50 Insurers

1. Aviva
2. AIG
3. RSA
4. AXA
5. Direct Line Group
6. Zurich

7. ACE
8. Bupa
9. Munich Re
10. Allianz
11. Ageas
12. QBE

13. LV=
14. NFU Mutual
15 . XL Group
16. British Gas Insurance
17. Aspen
18. Lloyds Banking Group
19. Liberty Mutual
20. Chubb
21. FM Global
22. Covéa
23. HDI
24. Esure
25. Hiscox
26. Catlin
27. AmTrust Europe
28. Berkshire Hathaway
29. HCC
30. Legal & General
31. Co-operative

32. Genworth Financial
33. WR Berkley
34. London General Insurance
35. Ecclesiastical
36. Lancashire

37. Markel Corporation
38. Domestic & General
39. Travelers
40. Tokio Marine
41. MS&AD
42. CNA

43. Cardif Pinnacle
44. SCOR
45. Admiral
46. Arch Capital Group
47. Sabre
48. CV Starr
49. Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Holdings
50. Assurant.

Now you have know the Top 50 Insurers

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