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These are all banks in Nigeria and their headquarters address.

Head Office Address
1. Access Bank
999c, Danmole Street, Off Idejo Street, Off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
2. CitiBank Nigeria
27, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
3. Diamond Bank
Plot 1261, Adeola Hopewell Street, P.O.Box 70381, Victoria Island, Lagos
4. Ecobank Nigeria
21, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos

5. Enterprise Bank
Plot 143, Ahmadu Bello way, Victoria Island, Lagos
6. Fidelity Bank
2, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island Lagos
7. First Bank Nigeria
Samuel Asabia House, 35, Marina, Lagos
8. First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
Primrose Towers, 17A, Tinubu Street, P.O.Box 9117, Lagos State, Nigeria
9. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
635, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
10. Heritage Bank
292B, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
11. Keystone Bank
Keystone House, 1, Keystone Cresent, Victoria Island, Lagos
12. Mainstreet Bank
Afribank Plaza, 14th Floor, 51/55, Broad Street, Lagos
13. Skye Bank 3, Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
14. Stanbic IBTC Bank
IBTC Place, Walter Carrington Cresent, Victoria Island, Lagos

15. Standard Chartered Bank
Sterling Towers, 20, Marina, Lagos
16. Sterling Bank
Sterling Towers, 20, Marina, Lagos.
17. SunTrust Bank Nigeria
1 Oladele Olashore Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
18. Union Bank
Stallion Plaza, 36 Marina, Lagos
19. United Bank For Africa (UBA)
57, Marina, Lagos
20. Unity Bank Plot 497, Central Business District, Abogo Largema Street, Abuja
21. Wema Bank
Wema Towers 54, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos.
22. Zenith Bank
Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Now you have know the name of all banks in Nigeria and their headquarters address.

Complete List Of Commercial Banks In Nigeria (2019)

Did you know exactly number of commercial banks in Nigeria, and their locations, well in this blog post I will outline and give short details about the list of commercial banks in Nigeria

These banks are licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria regulates their activities and has such authorized several banks to transact business in Nigeria and as of recent, updated its official list of registered banks which includes two new commercial banks, Providus and Suntrust Banks

Complete List of Commercial banks in Nigeria

1. United Bank for Africa
2. Access Bank – Acquired Intercontinental Bank
3. Citibank
4. Diamond Bank
5. Ecobank Nigeria – Acquired Oceanic Bank
6. Enterprise Bank Limited – Formerly Spring Bank
7. Fidelity Bank Nigeria
8. First Bank of Nigeria
9. First City Monument Bank – Acquired FinBank
10. Heritage Banking Company Ltd.
11. Keystone Bank Limited – Formerly Bank PHB
12. Guaranty Trust Bank
13. Mainstreet Bank Limited – Formerly Afribank
14. Skye Bank
15. Stanbic IBTC Bank Nigeria Limited
16. Standard Chartered Bank
17. Sterling Bank – Acquired Equitorial Trust Bank

18. Union Bank of Nigeria – Owned By Union Global Partners Limited
19. Unity Bank Plc.
20. Wema Bank
21. Zenith Bank
22. Providus Bank
23. Suntrust Bank
24. Jaiz Bank

Now you have the complete list of all commercial banks in Nigeria for the year 2019

Top Ten Youngest Billionaire in Nigeria(Count Down)

In this article I’ll be showing you top 10 youngest billionaire in nigeria and short details about them.

10. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

Aboyeji is the owner of a company called Flutterwave, Flutterwave is a provider of technology and infrastructure solution for digital payment in Africa. He is also the owner of Bookneto, Bookneto is an online learning platform in Canada innovation center. Flutterwave worth $800 million.

9. Tonye Rax Idaminabo

Tonye was a trained lawyer with LLB Degree from Glasgow Caledonia University in Scotland, he was recognize by Forbes Africa as one of the 30 Most Promising Enterpreneurs in Africa. He was the founder of African Achievers Awards, also in 2016 he establish Reputation Pool which create reputation polls and rankings.

8. Mark Essien

Mark was born in Akwa Ibom on 18th of December, 1980 He was a startup investor and software developer, he was the founder of, a prominent hotel booking company in Nigeria. Mark is also on Forbes list of 30 youngest enterpreneurs in Africa in the year 2015. worth $4 million.

7. Tayo Oviosu

Tayo was the founder of paga, he established page in 2009. He have work with different companies before he establish is his own company, he work as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte on cases like health care, pharmacy retailer high-tech and telecom.

6. Abiola Olaniran

Olaniran study Computer Science and Mathematics at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.
He is the founder of Gamsole, which was established in 2012, a Nigerian gaming company which is also Nigeria’s highest paid windows Game Developer.

5. Sijibomi Ogundele

Ogundele was born in Lagos Nigeria, he was a trained lawyer and he also has experience in business, strategy and investment over the last few years.
He was the founder of Sujimoto Construction Company, this construction company have assets in big cities like Lagos, Madrid, Paris, Dubai, Accra and Riyadh.

4. Jason Njoku Chukwuma

Jason was born on 11th December, 1980. Njoku he was the founder of IROKOtv. He was a startup investor, he was the founder of Spark, an investment company in Lagos based on internet start-up. Spark investments include, and others. Spark worth $2 million.

3. Linda Ikeji

Linda was born on September, 1980. She start blogging and quitting as a model.

Currently she is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria.

2. Ladi Delano

At the age of 24 Ladi established his first company named Chinese Alcohol Beverage Company, Solidarnoac Asia in 2004.
Ladi is a serial entrepreneur who made millions from his company Solidarnoac Asia.
But he sold the company for $15 million. He then used his profit from the sales to establish a real estate investment company in mainland China.
In 2012 Ladi is featured on Forbes list as one of the young millionaire to watch out for Africa

1. Igho Sanomi

Igho was born in Delta State, he make his millions from telecommunication, construction, shipping, real estate and investments. He serve as the Director of Consmos oil AG. He is the chairman of Taleveras, an energy trading company.
Igho Sanomi was worth $1 billion.

Top Five Low Cost Business In Nigeria And Africa

Nigeria have the population of over 200 million people, there is a lot of entrepreneurs who engage in one business or the other, every business has the means of yielding profits, especially when a business is profit plan and executed in the right way. There are some businesses that most people don’t like doing because is dirty or rough but fetch big profit, and it easy to start.

Low cost business in Nigeria

1. Slippers and Shoe making

Footwear is important because without footwear you have not complete your dressing, footwear is in different form. Everybody need a pair of shoe to go everywhere like, market, School, Church, Mosque and working place.
This business was neglected by many people but it fetch big profit, for you to become a shoe maker you need to learn from expert.
Starting Shoe making business is very profitable because everybody need your product.

2. Restaurant

Restaurant is an evergreen business in Nigeria, but still on high demand, people need to eat especially those who are in office from 8AM to 8PM will surely be a customer to a restaurant owner because they don’t have time to cook in office, bachelors will also be their customer.
Restaurant is good and profitable business if properly set up especially in street near big companies also in human traffic area.

3. Event Planning

Event planing is a business have different aspect in it like catering, event center decoration and so on, event planning is easy to start because you need low capital and it is open for male, and female, old and young, rich and poor, and also student. Event planing is on high demand because every weekend are loads of event either wedding, burial, birthday party and so on
What grantee your success in event planning is the knowledge you have about the business. Learn new thing everyday.

4. Cake Making

Cake is very important in today’s Nigerian event, all you need is to learn cake making from expert, what grantee your success in cake making is your creativity, know how to think and execute need idea in your business. You need low capital to start this business, cake making business is very profitable because most people need it in their event like wedding, ceremonies, birthday, anniversaries, and so on

5.Cat Fish Rearing

This is very profitable business in today’s Nigeria because cat fish is used to prepare pepper soup in most beer parlors in Nigeria. You need low capital to start cat fish business, buy some small fishes and feed them in few months, you don’t need to have a plot of land to start cat fish business, you easily start in a room.

These are the list of low cost business in Nigeria.

How To Get Job In Dubai From Nigeria Quickly

Dubai is one of the popular and beautiful country in the world, and also they are numerous job opportunities in Dubai. Getting a job in Dubai need good plan and strategy, you need a meticulous person also someone who knows the line especially if you are going through agent. Now let go straight to the point, how to a job in Dubai from Nigeria.

There are numerous method of getting international job especially in Dubai from Nigeria, the first method is to acquire two months tourist visa, so when you arrive in Dubai you will start searching for job, second method is to apply through UAE job websites for direct employment from Nigeria, but beware of fake websites m, who offer fake job.
The third method is to through agent who lives in Dubai, he or she could have get the job ready for you.
Require you to invest your time and money to apply for companies with job openings that are offering both residents and international applicants.


You can also get job in Dubai from Nigeria through these websites.

After you job a successfully from any of this websites, the first thing is to confirm if the employer are genuine, so after you have confirm this then request for a writing job contract letter. When your employer issues you written us confirmed they will begin the employment visa application for you. Then you will wait for them to complete and submit the application so that they will sponsor your employment Dubai visa, you will need to submit your medical result text on blood test, HIV, tuberculosis, and other diseases, also your two passports with job verification letter to the Department of Health and Medical Service to acquire a Health Card, this steps is based on Dubai law for foreigners working in the country.

Also submit the documents from your employer, the copy of your credentials and your passport to Dubai’s Ministry of Labour to acquire a Labour Card.
If you follow these steps as stated you will get a job in Dubai from Nigeria.

Top Ten Richest Politician In Nigeria In 2019 (Count Down)

Nigeria is one of the countries that pay high amount for politician, this make them rich, many people believe that they are millionaire and billionaires.

So in this article I will be give the name and short details of top ten richest politician in Nigeria.

10. Adamu Mu’Azu

He was Governor of Bauchi State from May 1999 to May 2007. He is one of the richest politician in Nigeria on my list. He worth at least $895 million.

9. Rotimi Amaechi

He was two terms Governor if River State, from May 2007 to May 2015, he was born on 27 May 1965. Amaechi was currently the minister for transportation in Nigeria, he worth $780 million.

8. Ifeanyi Ubah

Ifeanyi Ubah was a business man who have invest in oil and gas company, real estate company, football, export company, spare part, transportation respectively. before he join politics, as the matter of fact he was already a millionaire before he make his way to politics, he worth $1.7 billion.

7. Dino Melaye

Dino is from Kogi State and he is currently a senator in Nigeria representing Kogi West in National House of Assembly, he has a fleet motorcycle and cars. He worth $802 million.

6. Atiku Abubakar

Atiku is chief olusegun Obasanjo vice president from May 1999 to May 2007, during his time in public office is was also a business man that invest in real estate, he own a university named American University of Nigeria (AUN) in 2005. He is currently a presidential candidate of People Democratic party in coming February 16 2019 Presidential Election in Nigeria. Atiku worth $1.4 billion.

5. Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Bola was popularly know as jagaban, he born on 29 March 1952 in Lagos, he is very popular politician in Nigeria, he is the Governor of Lagos State from May 1999 to May 2007, he is reportedly worth $1.5 billion.

4. Ben Murray Bruce

He was an entrepreneur, he own silver bird Group of Company, he is currently a Senator in Nigerian National Assembly representing Baylsea East. He was born on 18 February 1956. He was reportedly worth $715 million.

3.Rochas Okorocha

Okorocha was a business man and he was born IMO state, he was born on 22 September 1962, he was already a millionaire before joining politics. he was elected in as a Governor in 2011 and he was also re-elected in 2015 respectively. He worth $1.5 billion.

2.Olusegun Obasanjo

He was popularly know as OBJ or Baba, During the military regime he was the first citizen of Nigeria between February 1976 to September 1979. he was the first civilian President in the Third Republic in Nigeria from May 1999 to May 2007, He own a giant farm in Ota Ogun State Nigeria. He worth $1.6 billion.

1.Ibrahim Babangida

He was born on 17 August 1941 in Minna Niger State in Nigeria. He own of the most expensive houses in Africa, he build a multibillion dollar mansion in his home State in Minna. He worth around $50 billion.

Ibrahim Babangida is the richest politician in Nigeria.

Top Twenty Richest Man In Nigeria, Name, Net Worth and Industry. Count Down)

Here is the count down of top twenty [block]0[/block] in Nigeria.

20. Hakeem Belo-Osagie
Net Worth: $600 Million
Industry: Oil and Gas/Telecoms.

19. Tunde Folawiyo
Net Worth: $650 Million
Industry: Oil & Gas, Telecom.

18. Mohammed Indimi
Net Worth: $670 Million
Industry: Oil & Gas, Self-made.

17. Emmanuel Ojei
Net Worth: $1.2 Billion
Industry: Diversified.

16. Bode Akindele
Net Worth: $1.2 Billion
Industry: Diversified.

15. Dr. ABC Orjiakor
Net Worth: $1.2 Billion
Industry: Oil & Gas.

14. Igho Sanomi
Net Worth: $1.3 Billion
Industry: Oil & Gas.

13. Benedict Peters
Net Worth: $2.7 Billion
Industry: Oil & Gas.

12. Cletus M. Ibeto
Net Worth: $3.7 Billion
Industry: Diversified.

11. Prince Arthur Eze
Net Worth: $5.7 Billion (Ventures
Industry: Oil & Gas.

10. Oba Oteduko
Net Worth: $650 Million
Industry: Diversified.

9. Jim Ovia
Net Worth: $850 Million (Forbes), $1
Billion (Ventures Africa)
Industry: Banking, Telecoms.

8. Orji Uzor Kalu
Net Worth: $1.1 Billion
Industry: Oil & Gas.

7. Tony Elumelu
Net Worth: $1.4 Billion (Forbes), $1.6
Billion (Ventures Africa)
Industry: Investments.

6. Abdulsalam Rabiu
Net Worth: $1.5 Billion
Industry: Consumer Goods.

5. Theophilus Danjuma
Net Worth: $1.7 Billion (Forbes), $1.8
Billion (Ventures Africa)
Industry: Oil & Gas.

4. Folorunsho Alakija
Net Worth: $2.1 billion
Industry: Fashion, Oil, and Printing.

3. Femi Otedola
Net Worth: $2.3 Billion
Industry: Oil & Gas.

2. Mike Adenuga
Net Worth: $10.5 Billion (Forbes), $8
Billion (Ventures Africa)
Industry: Telecoms, Oil, and Gas.

1. Aliko Dangote
Net Worth: $12.5 Billion (Forbes),
$25.7 Billion (Ventures Africa)
Industry: Cement, Sugar, Flour.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote is worth an estimated $21.6
billion. He is the richest man in Nigeria.
Aliko Dangote
is by far the richest man in Nigeria.

These are the list of richest man in Nigeria.

How To Make Money On Facebook In Nigeria with Your Smartphone ( Step By Step Guide )

Did you know that many people make money on Facebook doing exactly what you always do for free or of fun. Now I will explain what you need to do so that you can make money on Facebook.

1. Create a Facebook Page

2. Create attention by posting catchy content

You will post a lot of good, helpful, and quality content on your Facebook Page or Group with good images, invite your friends to join your Group or like your Page, also share your post so that your follower will grow faster, because the more followers you have the more making consistent money from it, so it is important to have many followers.

3. Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program is a marketing program where you receive commission for helping a company or website such as Clickbank,Jumia,Amazon, Konga and so on to generate sales. It is feee to register as affiliate marketer with these companies or websites.

4. Start Sales

So after you have sign up with the above websites as an affiliate marketer all you need is to start selling their product to your followers on your Facebook group or your Facebook page, so after your followers have bought these products you will get your commission on each product.

5. Select Well Known Product or Brand

When you are selecting the product that you want to promote or advertise on your Facebook group or your Facebook page, make sure you choose known and popular products, sell the product that people usually buy, so after you gain the trust of you customers then you can start selling other product that is not popular.

6. Advertise your Page

After you have post your product on your Facebook page, then it is important to run Facebook Ads so that your product will get to thousands of people in short period, make your Facebook page as your landing page and get commission for the sales made. This is one many people make huge money on Facebook.

7. Sell Your Own Product

So after you have gain the trust of your customers it is advisable to sell your own product because you will make more profit on your product than other product from any website.

If you follow this article as I present it you will make huge money on Facebook.

How To Start Soap Production In Nigeria (Step By Step Guide)

If you are thinking of starting a profitable and creative business In Nigeria, soap production is a business you need to consider because everybody use soap everyday, both the rich and the poor uses soap for washing plates, clothes, cars, bathing, and also for other purposes. You can make any kind of soap such as bar soap, and liquid soap etc.
So you want to starting soap production business in Nigeria, there are some knowledge you need to acquire such as proper training on how to set the business up, good location, equipment need in the production, ingredients needed for production and so, when know these very well then you the key of success in your hand.

Here are the best ways establishing a Successful Soap Production business in Nigeria.

1. Capital

Capital is the first thing to consider in every business, list out your budget and cost for your soap production business, make plans for what you will need to set up your business like the materials need for production, equipment needed for production, and also hiring workers. You can don’t need to be a millionaire or billionaires before you start soap production business in Nigeria, if you to start small, you can start your business, but the minimum capital should be N100,000 .

2. Government Approval

If you wish to start soap production business in large scale in Nigeria then you need to register your company with the government get the necessary documents that is used to operate a company in Nigeria, but if you want to start your own soap production business in small scale then you don’t need government approval because you are not setting up a company.

3. Good Location

Good location is very important in business, make sure you establish your business in human traffic area so that people will see and know what you are selling, good location is equals to good and successful business.

4. Equipment

Since you have a good location what next is to start purchasing the right and necessary equipment needed for your soap production, get the tools like stainless steel, mould, trimming machine, cutting machine, measuring cup, stick blender, and many other materials, if you wise to start your own soap production business in large scale you will need to buy big machines that is used in big companies.

5. Types of Soap

There are many types of soap that your know in different form and also from different company, so make decision on the type of soap you want to start producing, there are many types of soap like detergent or household soaps, organic soaps, bathing soap, solid soaps and liquid soaps,

6. Ingredients

After you have choose the type soap you want to produce then then next thing is to purchase the ingredients needed for the producing and packaging, the is very important make sure you buy quality ingredients because it will affect your product, if you buy good and best ingredients your product will be good and also be the best, but if you fail to buy the good and accurate ingredients or materials then your product will not be in good form, so be careful when buying the materials or ingredients use for production.

7. Employees

If you wish to start your own soap production business in large scale then you need to employ workers that will help you with the job to ensure Smith running of your business, when hiring make sure you hire those who have good experience about soaps production.

8. Pricing

Your product price give definition to your product, your product must be affordable for everybody because Nigerian love thing in low price even those who are rich want low price product make sure you sell your product in lower price even lower than your competitors this will make many people to buy from you.

9. Packaging

Packaging is very important in soap production business, packaging your product very well, package tell more about your product, package is the first view of your product, so when it comes to packaging be careful and do it well.

10. Marketing

Now that you set up and establish your soap production business what next you need is to go to market and sell your product, but if your start your own soap production business in large quantity you need to those that will sell your product in your behalf, you will need distribution van to move your product from one place to another.

11. Advertising

Advertising is very important in every business, through advertising you will get many customer in a short time and also you will be successful more that your counterpart in the soap production industry because your product will be popular, so you run advert on local media outlets like radio, television, and newspapers also on social media like Facebook, Twitter and others.

Follow these and be successful in soap production business.

How To start Bleaching Cream Business In Nigeria (Step By Step Guide)

How to Start Bleaching Cream Business in Nigeria

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At least 70% of Nigerians want to have flawless skin so this make them to spend thousands of naira to achieve their aim. So this also lead bleaching cream industry to grow buy where because the demand on bleaching cream keep going higher everyday.

Many investors have take the advantages of this to establish their businesses by setting up a bleaching cream company in Nigeria and they are make huge profit in the business everyday because the bleaching cream is on high demand currently in Nigeria.
You can also do what these investors are doing by setting up your own company too, Here are the tip on how to start your own bleaching cream company in Nigeria.


You need a good knowledge about the business you are about to start or invest your money in very well, this is very important aspect in any business, have knowledge and idea about bleaching cream business if you don’t have you can learn from those who has it.

Registration of your company

You need to register your company name with the government and have the necessary documents that you need to run a company in Nigeria, this is very important and it carry a lot of advantages on your product because people want the product that have government approval.

Start up capital

You can start from any where you don’t need to be a millionaire or billionaires before you can start bleaching cream business, you can start small, or big depend on your capital. To start this bleaching cream business in Nigeria you must have N200,000 – N500,000 .

Choose a Brand Name

Your brand name is also important, when choosing your brand name make sure your choose the name that is related to your product, you can choose name like snow white, flawless, shinning, brighten, whiten and so on, this name will attract many people to buy your product.

Company location

This also important, your company must be located in a human traffic area where everybody can know what your are selling.

Machines and materials

You will purchase the machine need and also the materials you need in producing your bleaching cream.

Worker and Expert

You need to hire people that will work for you especially if you did not have knowledge about the business, you will hire those who are specialist on bleaching cream to work for you.


You product must be in good quality and in good look because quality is what most people look in to when they see a new product, so your product must be in good quality so that you will sell it faster and grow quickly.


Packaging is very important in bleaching cream business because your cream container tell more about your product, so make you design a beautiful container so that it will attract many people to buy.


When you just start a business, you are not popular people did not know you or your product, so by reducing your product price to the lowest in market will make it affordable for many people to buy, both the rich and the poor.


Advertising is very important in any business, because it will make your business popular in few months and you will also have many customer quickly, likewise advertising will make you sell more that your competitor. Advertise your business on local media outlets like radio television and newspaper.

In conclusion

Setting up a business in a lot of sacrifices because you can’t start a business today and also grow today you a lot of time and be patient.
Also make sure your company is located in human traffic area so that people will know what you are selling. When hiring workers make sure you employ those that have many years experience in your business and also those that have the ability to sell your product and also make profit. Advertising is the key of success to every business by advertising you will record success in your business.

Follow theses and be successful in bleaching cream business.

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