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Football is one the most popular sport in the world, everybody watch football everyday and most of us can say something about football but there are so interesting fact about football that you don’t know.
Yes, you don’t know! that is why I’m here to teach you what you don’t about the most popular and most watch sport in the world.

1. European Football team had reached every World Cup Final Expect in the year 1930 and the year 1950.

2. India withdraw from World Cup in tbe year 1950 because FIFA didn’t allow them to play barefoot.

3. The Liberian player named George Weah paid for his teammates uniform and all other expenses of his team so that they can play tbe African National Cup, George Weah is the current president of Liberia.

4. Martin Sylvester was the one player that sent himself out of the pitch after he punch a player during the Sunday League game in tbe year 1998.

5. At the age of 52, Pedro Gatica cycled from his home in Argentina to Mexico for the year 1986 World Cup, When he arrived, he found that he can’t afford to get it, when he was trying to haggle for a ticket, some people stole his bike.

6. Willie Fatty is tbe only goalkeeper and also gbe heaviest player in England, he was 6.6 feet tall and weight 22 stones, he played for English.

7. The United States of America has the most number of official soccer players than any other countries of tbe world.

8. Over 20 card shown during match between Sportivo Ameliano and General Caballero in Paraguay in the year 1993, this was the only match that consist of many card as this.

9. Neil Armstrong wanted to take football to the moon but NASA didn’t allow him to do so.

10. The first live coverage of football match was shown on television in the year 1937.

11. Greenland cannot join the FIFA because they don’t have enough grass to grows for a football field.

12. There is different types of special teams.
Return kicks
Return punts
Kick off
Block punt


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13. The maximum number of player on a football team is 11

14. Paul Pogba is one of the most expensive player in the world He was transferred from (Juventus FC to Manchester United football club)

15. Cristiano Ronaldo(Juventus’s FC star) because tbe first player to scored a goal in every single minute of tbe game.

16. The highest goal in a match was 149-0 this match was played by Stade Olympique de L’emyrne and AS Adema of Madagascar.

17. One of the largest ever football tournament was played in the year 1999 in which a the total number of 5,098 team participate and over 35,000 player took part in the tournament.

These are the most interesting fact about football I’m very sure you have learn something new.
Did you know about other fact about football?, let us know at the comment section.

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