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Jay Jay Okocha Biography

Jay Jay Okocha Biography

In this blog post you will know the everything about Jay Jay Okocha

Jay Jay Okocha real name is Augustine Azuka, he was born in Enugu State Nigeria, his parents was from Ogwashi-Uku in Delta State Nigeria, his brother named James Okocha who was playing football passed the name out to him (Jay Jay) his also have a brother called Emmanuel ( Emma Jay Jay) but Augustine Okocha was stuck with the name (Jay Jay).

Jay Jay Okocha started his football on the street, from there he join a some local team before he join Enugu Rangers in 1990 where he display his magical skills, from there is travelled to West Germany to watch the German football league, when he was in Germany he stay with his friend called Binebi Numa who is playing at the Third Division For Borussia Neunkirchen.
He later follow his friend to training ground where the coach of Neunkirchen saw him and ask him to join next day, Jay Jay Okocha train with them for short period of time before he join the club, after a year he join FC Saarbrucken, he played for the team for short time before he join Eintracht Frankfurt he make numerous appearance for these teams where he scored alot of goals, he scored a wonderful goal against Karlsrube’s goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, this goal was voted as the goal of the session.

In 1995 Jay Jay Okocha had an argument with his coach this issue forced him to leave the club, he later move to England, and later went to Turkey to join Istanbul Club Fenerbahce.
He played in Fenerbahce where he scored 30 goals in 62 appearance,
Jay Jay Okocha join Paris Saint Germany in 1998 on a transfer of £14 million, which make him of the most expensive player in Africa and Europe.
Jay Jay Okocha played in England, for many clubs.
He finally retired as a professional footballer in 2008 at Hull City Football Club in England.

Jay Jay Okocha is estimated worth $150 million, he made his money from his football and also made alot of money as an ambassador for many big companies in Nigeria.
Jay Jay Okocha has won different awards like
he married his wife Nkechi Okocha in 1997, they have two children.

Jay Jay Okocha is an ex-Nigerian midfielder, he is also formal professional footballer, he played for Nigeria’s national team and other clubs in England and other countries on the planet like, Turkey, France, Germany. he was an active footballer for over 18 years both for his country and his club.


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Jay Jay Okocha was known for his dribbling skills, techniques creativity and other skills which makes him popular till date, he is one of the best player during his time as a professional footballer both in Africa and Europe, he was one of the greatest African player of all time for his brilliant goals record.

Jay Jay Okocha capped Nigeria national team for 74 times, he won a gold medal during the 1993 and he also played for Nigeria during 1994, 1998 and 2002 World Cup.

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