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When it comes to business opportunities in Abuja the possibilities
are endless. Especially in Nigeria where the bar of entry for most
entrepreneurial endeavors is relatively low. In Abuja, you’ll find
many types of businesses that are begging for competition. Abuja
is the nation’s administrative capital, so it is not surprising
that you’ll likely find businesses that cater mostly to the instant
needs of government and citizens who reside in the city rather
than industrial or manufacturing businesses. Below are some
businesses that are considered quite lucrative.

Real Estate

Land is expensive in Abuja. That means you are at the receiving
end of outrageous rents if you are a tenant. Land or property
owners make a lot of money from the sale of their houses, shops
and undeveloped land. Experts indicate that prices for properties
in Abuja is not going to drop anytime soon, so acquire whatever
real estate you can today because tomorrow you might not be
able to do so.
Auto dealership
You’ll notice that Abuja residents have the highest disposable
income in the country. We can tell this due to the frequency of
flashy cars we see on the street. There are more flashy cars in
Abuja than you’ll find in any other part of Nigeria that can
only mean one thing – Abuja auto-dealers are smiling to the


Abuja’s skyline is constantly changing and evolving. New
buildings from residential to corporate buildings are springing up
everyday making the construction industry a key sector to invest
in. This is due in part to the numerous construction works that
ensure the Abuja Master plan is followed to the letter.
Government is always building infrastructure, awarding
contracts and spending money on projects all naturally require
construction of some sort.


Retail commerce is the easiest type of business to start and the
easiest to sell. On every street corner you’ll find outlets selling
tangible goods from food, electronics to clothing and accessories.
The many malls and plazas in Abuja support the flourishing
retail sector by providing business owners with the choice
locations to market their goods.

Corporate Services

Have you noticed that there are many events that take place in
Abuja on a daily or even weekly basis? Official functions,
receptions, seminars etc. This means people who rent out event
space like halls, gardens or parks in Abuja can make a lot of
money from renting out these spaces.

Hotels and guest houses

There are many hotels and guest houses in Abuja which exist for
a very good reason. In the early 1990s accommodation for visitors
coming to Abuja was very scarce. You had to choose between the
Transcorp Hilton hotel or the Abuja Sheraton Hotel. If you
couldn’t afford these two then you would be relegated to staying
with a friend. Today, Abuja offers more accommodation options
ranging from the Boutique hotel, guest houses to cheap hotel-
motels. People travel from all over the world to come and transact
business with the Federal government and must stay somewhere
for their short stay.


NDIC (Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation) Recruitment
Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) Recruitment
BPE Recruitment
Federal Fire Service Recruitment
AirForce Recruitment
Nigerian Army Recruitment
State Security Service (SSS) Recruitment

Restaurants and Bars

Abuja’s hospitality industry is booming even to the extent that
restaurants and bars are too numerous to mention. You’ll find
many popular restaurants in upscale neighborhoods and districts
in Abuja. For instance, Wuse 2 – the unofficial capital for
restaurants and bars in Abuja – has so many nice places to eat
out and chill with friends. Restaurants are a core part of Abuja’s
leisure culture and it is a flourishing sector to invest in.

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